How Does A Sales Engagement Platform Boost Your Sales?

sales engagement platform boost selling productivity

Every business is looking for new ways to boost their sales and having a steady stream of prospects. Sales engagement platform or SEP is the key to create a successful sales team that is focused on building relationships with customers and closing more sales. 

Most businesses have been using sales engagement for quite some time. However, its purpose has changed a lot. It was once a tool to automate call dialing and lead development. Now, SEP has become an essential sales tool that automates the sales process, analyzing and forecasting buyer behavior. 

More Than A Sales Tool 

SEP brings sales software together, working with CRM tools, collecting information on buyer engagement, and informing the sales representative at main points in the sales funnel. It allows the sales representative to engage their prospects fast and efficiently, delivering content that guides the buyers through the sales process. Data and buyer forecasts inform the sales representatives about the buyers’ needs and interests, resulting in higher successful sales rates. 

Ways SEP Boosts Your Sales 

A SEP can connect all the stages of the buyer’s journey, carrying the prospect relationship, data, and content forward throughout the funnel, which includes negotiating and quoting, and also closing and onboarding. 

Here are the ways SEP boosts your sales: 

Increases Cash Flow And Reduces Expenses 

An effective sales process and reduced sales cycle result in high revenue. A SEP helps the sales representative understand the buyers’ needs through substantial insights into their engagement and response. 

It decreases the use of technology by simplifying and merging your sales stack and keeping only the results-producing software. A slim sales stack reduces the time spent on managing different vendors and platforms. Also, it minimizes the time required in maintaining data in different locations, as well as faster onboarding of new hires. 

Decreases Administrative Time 

A sales representative spends around 30% of their time speaking with their prospects. A SEP helps increase the amount of time sales representatives can spend focusing on their prospect calls. On the other hand, it cuts the time spent on different tasks like data entry, writing emails, scheduling calls, and looking for valuable content to share with their prospects. Moreover, it also cuts the time spent on drafting proposals, configuring quotes, and chasing down approvals. 

There would be a considerable improvement in sales team productivity and effectiveness, efficiency, and length of the sales cycle when all parts of the sales funnel are connected in one platform and integrated with a CRM. 

Minimizing Training Time 

According to a study, it takes around 4.5 months to build up new account executives, while it takes about 25 months to have full productivity. The sales representatives’ effectiveness is impeded without a sales playbook guiding them on selling and helping them to locate the sales content when it is needed. 

Sales process automation and sales playbook help new hires to learn faster. A SEP places guides around the sales process. It helps the sales representatives optimize their time and allows them to focus on working on their potential customers. 

These are just some of the advantages of using a sales generation platform. If you are looking to boost tour sales, all you need is a reliable platform where sales, marketing, and customer success teams work on engaging customer processes from end to end, providing high ROI.

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