5 Top Sales Tools Your Team Will Thank You For

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Sales don't make themselves.

Experienced sales pros know that it takes time and effort to close deals. With the average salesperson only being able to close around 25% of their sales, it's obvious that sales take effort.

Thankfully there are many tools that make the sales process simpler. If you're looking to make sales easier, keep reading for a look at some of the top sales tools.

Why Use Sales Tools?

Sales tools make sales easier. Plain and simple.

Rather than constantly chasing down leads and attempting to keep track of mountains of minutiae, good sales tools, and sales enablement software help you keep track of leads and where they're at in the sales process while saving you valuable time and money.

Take some of the guesswork and legwork out of the process by putting the right selling tools to work for you today.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce training tools are easily one of the most ubiquitous tools in the sales and marketing community. And with good reason for sellers and sales managers.

This powerful selling tool is a great way to nurture and close sales leads. With loads of automation and features, Salesforce can help you grow your sales pipeline with far less input from you or your sales team.

2. Airtable

Want to build a CRM without making the investment in a pricey tool like Salesforce?

Airtable is a flexible tool that's useful for many different applications. While it's not exclusively a CRM, Airtable is a spreadsheet and database-like tool that can be used for free or at a very low cost.

Try Airtable out and see if it will work for your needs before trying more costly CRMs.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Most sales leads worth pursuing are on LinkedIn. The easiest, and most effective, way to reach leads on LinkedIn is through the platform’s Sales Navigator.

Use Sales Navigator to better target prospects and more accurately track down and nurture leads. Use your very own LinkedIn profile to begin building relationships with leads today.

4. Zoom

Communication is the bedrock of all sales. If you can't effectively communicate with prospects, it's pretty hard to close sales.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows you to easily and effectively get on the phone with prospects all over the globe. With Zoom, you can do screen shares for product demos as well.

This tool makes long-distance communication much easier than many of its competitors while giving you some all-important face time with clients.

5. Zapier

The average salesperson uses many different tools to find and communicate with leads. You have got a calendar to maintain, meetings to run, and many other tasks that involve all sorts of technologies.

Zapier makes it easy to automate many of the day's mundane tasks. Automatically update your calendar, send invites, and much more with this powerful automation tool.

Your Turn To Start Selling Smarter

There are many sales tools out there. Be sure to pick a few top selling software programs that will make your life easier and help you close more deals. Check out the rest of our blog for more on business, sales, online selling, and more.

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