How to Increase Sales Productivity

how to increase sales productivity

Time is money when it comes to sales. 

Now that most things are digital, there are multiple ways to reach out to leads and make sales.

You want to make sure you're being as efficient as possible when it comes to making calls and closing deals.

This article will give you the top tips on increasing sales productivity.

1. Keep a Running List of Leads

You need to start making a list of leads that you want to sell to.

It's not enough to just have their name and phone number, you also should have information about what industry they're in and how your product or service can help them.

Be sure to personalize the list so you can connect faster upon reaching out. Write little notes about each person so you can have things to talk about on the call. 

2. Write an Email Template

While you need to personalize the conversation, it's also important you have an email template ready to send out.

In the introductory email, you need to present yourself and your company in an irresistible way.

Give people a sense of where you came from and what you can offer them. Your introductory email should be friendly yet professional.

3. Keep a Calendar

It's important you have a digital calendar with all of your appointments.

Schedule in time to meet potential clients in person. Take people out for coffee or drinks. 

Selling is all about connecting - both digitally and face to face.

Never show up late to a meeting, and always offer to pick up the check. 

4. Schedule Time For Emails

Checking email can be a huge time drain on your day. When you are constantly checking emails, you aren't generating leads or closing sales.

Instead of constantly refreshing your phone, schedule time each day to check emails.

Block out a 30-minute window in the morning and in the afternoon to check your inbox and respond to inquiries. 

This will increase your productivity throughout the day because you won't be worried about each new notification.

5. Know Your Target Customer

Understanding your target customer is key in saving time and being more productive.

Once you fully understand who you're selling to, you can tailor your pitches to that profile. Take the time to write out a customer profile of the typical person who buys your product. 

What are their needs? What do they do in their free time? Try to imagine this person's day and think about how to sell to them.

This industrial sales enablement site can help you design your digital platform and get to know your audience better.

Now You Know How to Increase Sales Productivity

Improving your sales productivity comes down to organizing your time effectively and knowing how to connect with customers. 

Remember to do your research before calling so you can tailor your pitch to the voice on the other end of the line.

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