3 Tactics To Increase Sales Performance

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Sales performance is defined as how efficiently and effectively your sales team generates sales revenue. The easiest way to measure this is by considering how much you invest versus what you get in return – your sales return on investment (ROI). Once you have a good system in place and understand how it works, you can then concern yourself with how effective your sales plan is. This is the only way you will be able to track your progress and optimize your sales performance. As you look at all of this you will see that there are three things you will need to do to help your employees perform better so your business makes more sales. 

Continually Work To Develop Talent 

When you’re given the opportunity to build your team, make sure you find and hire the best talent you can find. This will save you a lot of time and money even though it’ll cost you more up front – it simply pays off big over time. Salesforce says you want to do your best to hire people whose social goals are in alignment with your company’s goals. This way you no longer struggle to push them to increase sales and meet performance metrics. Now you’re simply encouraging them to do what it takes to meet the goals you’ve established for them. This is something that the Target brand does quite well. Their CEO, Gregg Steinhafel, truly believes in the power of mentoring and providing encouraging feedback to his staff. He also includes company-wide initiatives like surveys that yield up to 300,000 responses. 

Managers need to stop thinking they know where a person’s developmental gap is. This isn’t something they can tell simply by looking at activity, results, and spreadsheets. Yes Ware highlights the fact that data can only tell us so much. For instance, while we can learn what’s going on, we can’t learn why it’s happening simply by looking at a spreadsheet. Things like attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs are insightful, but not presented through a spreadsheet. You also won’t know how skilled people are at performing their functions, tasks, or speaking with clients. This is why you really need to talk to your team and do your best to guide them to success. 

Communicate Vision 

Steve Jobs is one of the most controversial men in existence but someone who honed the skill of communicating his vision to his employees. He led his team to create inspiring new products by hosting weekly meetings with his executives who were then responsible for communicating his feedback to their junior staff. This strategy worked well because it made sure that everyone knew and understood the brand’s vision and goals. 

Allowing your vision to be seen in this way is vital because it serves as a visual signpost that keeps you on track. This should then be reflected in the decisions that everyone makes. In doing so everyone will take note of how results are achieved and connected. It’ll also inspire extra effort and motivation from your entire team. Seeing how important this is, it’s now time to stop guessing and start growing with Gmail CRM. 

Since Gmail is the most widely used messaging and collaboration platform, it should come as no surprise that about 900 million users depend on it for some type of communication today – including many businesses. With so many interactions happening via Gmail it’s ideal to have your CRM software integrate with it so everything is completely synchronized. 

By taking the steps to do this you’ll have a consolidated view of all your customers, leads, and partner interactions all within a single interface. Not only will this save you time but you also won’t have to maintain two different sets of customer data on two different platforms any longer. Instead, you can manage everything within a single tab in your web browser. 

Set up weekly planning meetings to make sure your sales and marketing team are on the same page as you and other managers.

Embrace the Process 

Xactly Corp reminds us of the importance of incentivizing your average sales clerk and turning them into a force for your competition to reckon with. There’s a lot to be said about seeing your sales rep meet their goals and push themselves forward. However, you’ll need some tools to help you along the way too. According to Fit Small Business, there are a lot of ways in which you can learn what you need to learn about your team. 

One of the best ways of doing this is by using sales and marketing metrics (a.k.a. sales analytics). They will help you learn more about your team and measure all aspects of their performance so you can identify those areas that you need to improve and focus on doing so. 

KPI performance management tools allow you to manage your metrics with dashboards, reports, and alerts. Additionally, you can set goals for your KPIs, track them over time, and visualize your performance to improve outcomes. This will enhance your sales performance in many ways, including: 

• Monitoring how well you execute your sales plan’s objectives using quantitative KPIs

• Identifying your sales pipeline strengths and weaknesses so you can help your team focus on the areas they need to improve 

• Objectively assessing how your sales reps are performing and giving them the sales management and leadership support they need so they can perform at their highest performance 

To make this work for your company you’ll need to set up some sales metrics. If you already have these in place, make sure to take some time to review them. You will want to make sure that they cover each of the core areas of sales performance that are necessary for measuring and improving your business employees’ drive to perform better. When you find something lacking here you will want to quickly put it into place and then watch as it manages your sales performance better. 

Smarter Sales

Make sure you also get reports regarding your sales performance through your tech like the newest CRM software. This will help you know if you have a healthy sales pipeline. You will also want to check on your sales stage conversion analytics which play an important role in helping you understand how well your sales are performing in each stage of your customer’s buying journey. 

Additionally, never overlook your business sales stage activity analytics as they will help you understand how your sales are performing there as well. With everything in place, your sales will look up in no time flat.

I hope you enjoyed this article about strategies your bootstrapped business can utilize to improve lead generation and sales.

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