Tips For Marketing Your Business On A Budget

how to market a business on a budget

Marketing is perhaps the most activity for any business. As they say: you could be giving away free gold and still fail as a business if you don’t tell anyone about it! 

Problem is, when you are a smaller business, you are likely going to have a significantly smaller budget for marketing as compared with those much larger competitors. This makes life a lot harder, as you’ll now need to compete with those bigger companies using significantly smaller resources. 

Fortunately, there are several good ways you can promote a business on a budget. Here are some of the best company promotion tactics. 

Top Methods For Marketing On A Budget 

Sponsorship Similar to advertising but notably different, is sponsoring a company or individual in order to increase your visibility. There are a number of different ways you can do this online, and many more than you’d be able to find otherwise. 

You could offer to sponsor a YouTube channel for instance and affordably reach a huge audience, or you could offer to sponsor another website – or even back a Kickstarter project for some good publicity. Sponsoring charities is also a very good move in that regard. 

The great thing about sponsorship is that you can get it to work within any budget while still potentially reaching a large audience. 

Printing Flyers 

If you're looking for a new way to promote your website, blog or digital product, then you may be feeling as though you've exhausted all of your available options online. Perhaps you've tried PPC marketing, social media marketing and releasing press releases to blogs and websites; and maybe you still feel as though you aren't getting quite the attention that your business needs. Promoting yourself online may be a cheap and effective way to reach a lot of people, but it still means competing with a hug number of other bloggers/businesses/products who of course see all the same benefits that you do. Sometimes your marketing message can become something of a needle in a haystack. That is why PPC which starts out so affordable, can quickly become untenable. 

Flyers allow you to market to people in person however. Post a flyer through someone’s letter box, use direct mail, or hand them out, and they will be forced now to interact with your brand in some way – even just to dispose of that flyer! This will make the interaction more memorable and it will help you to stick in their minds. But it also means you can reach an audience that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. 

Business Cards 

The same goes for business cards, which can be very useful for spreading the word about your site when networking or just among your friends. Again ,you can get these designed cheaply online and there are plenty of sites that will print them for you too – often you can get your first batch entirely for free! 

As you can see then, the web makes it possible for individuals with moderate budgets to start using the kinds of promotional techniques that were previously unavailable to all but the biggest companies. Treat your site like a proper business and use the tools available, and you will find that you really soar. 

Publicity Stunts 

Publicity stunts are an example of what is known as PCP or ‘Proper Company Promotion’. It means engaging in the ‘old fashioned’ types of promotional activities, which include the likes of publicity stunts which can help you to get free coverage. Another similar option is to host a press event of some sort to gain coverage and to put forward the message that you want to project.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to effectively market your business on a budget.

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