Why You Should Use Social Media For Public Relations

why use social media for public relations

Social media is the way of the future. If your public relations company isn’t taking advantage of this fairly new platform, now is the time. Currently, the most popular social media options are Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and SnapChat. While the popularity of them can change over time (remember MySpace and Google Plus?), it’s time to admit that social media is here to stay. It is time to start using it for public relations reasons. 

Here are five important reasons why, according to top PR consultants. 

1) You Can Reach Many People At Once 

In the past, public relations companies sent out press releases. News outlets would read the press releases out loud (radio, mostly), or would print them in a newspaper. Some took the bait and would request interviews and turn them into a deeper story. However, these mediums have lost their audiences. If you really want to utilize storytelling reach a lot of potential customers at once, you’ll need to use social media. 

2) You Can Visibly Measure A Campaign’s Impact 

How do you usually measure the impact of a campaign? Is it by tracking phone calls and monitoring how many people clicked on a link? These metrics still matter, but they aren’t as visibly easy as social media. Thanks to the clear metrics built into Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can see how many retweets, shares, regrams, likes, and comment a post receives. You’ll know the campaign’s impact rating right away. 

3) Influencers Are Actually Influential 

Influencers are people with a lot of followers. Most them receive free items in exchange for posts or receive payments for mentioning a specific brand. These social media influencers actually have a lot of pull over their followers, who will snap up anything that an influencer discusses. If you really want your public relations campaigns to be successful, you’ll need an influencer or two. 

4) You Can Stay Ahead Of The Story 

You’ve no doubt seen some news stories about poor service on certain airlines. In order to counteract those stories or apologize, the airline’s public relations people responded on social media. This is now the best way to get ahead of a story. You can alter people’s opinions of your business with a properly worded Tweet or update instead of dealing with an expensive and drawn out PR crises

5) Younger Generations Respond Better To Social Media 

Depending on the age group that you’re trying to reach, social media is perhaps the only option. People from the millennial generation and and Gen Z are used to using this medium for everything and rely heavily on it. If they’re your target age group, your company needs to be using social media to get their attention. Other options, especially newspaper and print magazines, simply won’t work. 

PR Power

As you can see, there are five main reasons why social media is the best platform to use for public relations. All of them, according to PR Consultants Group, show that this is the wave of the future in business, at least until something else comes along. For now it would be wise to invest in your own social media platforms and stay vigilant to accentuate positive circumstances and prevent or mitigate negative scenarios that could occur. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about why you should utilize social media marketing platforms for PR power.

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