How to Advertise on Instagram Like a Real Influencer

how to advertise on Instagram like real influencer

Marketing can be difficult, and in today’s world businesses need new ways to reach customers and clients. One way to do this is to use social media sites such as Instagram. Here is how you can effectively use the trend of influencer marketing on this rapidly-growing photo-sharing platform

Influencer marketing is a novel approach to advertising. It is where you use people who are already well-known Instagram to help promote and showcase your brand. These individuals already have the built-in following you need to reach new customers. In turn, these new customers will be likely to visit your site if it is recommended by someone they know and trust. 

Influencer marketing is also popular because it is a way to reach new customers without a traditional hard sales pitch. Essentially, you are hiring people to spread the message about your brand in an organic, lifestyle-driven way. For example, if your product is cat-themed sweatshirts, teaming up with an influencer who is known for their quirky fashion sense would be a natural fit. 

It is also an excellent method for reaching followers who might normally be outside of your core audience or demographic. Aligning your product or brand with an influencer who attracts followers because of multiple interests or endeavors extends your reach. For example, Liv Boeree is a model, poker pro, intelligent and thoughtful blogger, and all-around engaging personality. She effectively leverages her Instagram followers (a legion 75k strong) to bring attention to her wide range of activities. 

Therein lies the biggest challenge and greatest opportunity of influencer marketing. You want to find a partner that you can easily work with. The influencer should be excited about your brand and have the right audience for your needs. You don’t want to align with someone who has no passion for your brand or isn’t cultivating the best-suited reach on Instagram. Once you find the right individual, contact them and ask if they want to work with you. 

It is recommended that you perform a short, no-strings trial upfront with the influencer to ensure that their working style complements yours and that they can attract the intended audience to your product. 

You can measure the success of campaigns using Owlmetrics, an Instagram analytics tracking platform. You will want to stay apprised of a few key insights affecting your business. Engagement, followers, and click-thru rates are a few figures to consider, and seeing these numbers rise over the course of your campaign is a sign that your strategy is working. 

It is your responsibility as the brand or business to work collaboratively and provide your influencer with the right tools to get the job done. Be completely clear from the onset about your expectations for the campaign and share your performance metrics with the influencer on an ongoing basis. Seek the influencer’s input for your campaign, especially during the design phase. Trust that they know their Instagram followers’ demographics, tastes, and behaviors more than you do. 

Influencer marketing is a creative and highly-effective way to market your business on Instagram. It is cost-effective and allows you the ability to really drill down and reach niche audiences. If you take your time to find a good influencer on the site and curate the working relationship, you should see some great business growth as a result.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to market your business on Instagram like a social media influencer.

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