Influencer Marketing Tips 101

Influencer Marketing 101 tips

Nothing is more frugal in marketing than getting someone influential to organically promote your product or service. However, there are some guidelines you should follow, to ensure that you are not just annoying the people important in your field! Influencer marketing has its roots in classic marketing techniques and has been re-appropriated for the digital era. We’ve all heard of actresses and actors being paid to wear a certain garment from a certain designer and influencer marketing online is the same idea for the digital era. But the best way to do it is FREE. Here’s how to begin building influencer marketing relationships for your product or service. 

Identify Your Influencers 

This requires some work. You will need to trawl the Internet. Social media accounts, blogs, websites - find who are the people that keep popping up again and again in your niche. Find the influencers on Twitter that have the most followers and tweet about your market and then follow them. Learn what they tweet about, what interests them, and think about how you can contribute. 

Engage Engage Engage 

You don’t get something for nothing so, in order to connect with your influencer and convince them that your product or service is worthy of mention, you need to provide some value to them first. This can be taken care of by simple engagement. Conversation and interaction- these are the most important parts of influencer marketing outreach strategy at this present time. (Unless you have a large budget, maybe you then can just pay them to tweet your product!) 

Be Useful

If you are on the Internet every day you will notice there is a lot of pointless stuff in your inboxes quite a lot of the time. To stand out from these messages, you will need to provide some usefulness to your business bloggers and influencers. Ways to do this include: 

- Retweet their tweets 

- Like and comment on their statuses on Facebook 

- Answer questions from third parties in comment sections 

- Be interested and interesting on their blog 

- Thank them for any interaction that they have with you 

- You could even try making content for them such as designing quotes taken from articles they have written and sharing it with them and their followers. Canva is a great tool if you don’t have Photoshop to make a gift for them. 

And now we come to the Don’t section… 

-Don’t ask them right off the bat to start tweeting or promoting your blog, good or service. It takes time to build a relationship online, just like in real life. 

-Don’t get upset if you do not hear back from your influencer immediately. These guys have hundreds of messages a day and often don’t have the time to read through each one 

-Don’t forget to just be a valuable member of their online society. If you create value and interesting content and are likeable, you should be able to develop a relationship with an influencer. It won’t happen overnight but it can happen from just a couple of tweets a day, with perseverance. 

These are a few basic steps to beginning a relationship with an influencer. Remember, if somebody is Internet famous they’re getting a lot of interaction every day. 

Initiate Influencers

Don’t expect miracles to start with but don’t get discouraged either- you can become friends with influencers online as they need people to share content from and to engage with so don’t be intimidated by their 400,000 followers status on Twitter! If you have a fail-safe tip for how to get an influencer to tweet or promote your product, please share it on Twitter #BootstrapBusiness

I hope you enjoyed this article on Influencer Marketing tips in the digital age! 

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