8 Simple Ways To Get Leads That Can Convert To Sales

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The marketing and sales tactics used online are very much aligned with what you do offline. This means you have everything needed to get leads using the Web. 

Wait... really? Yes! 

At the core of lead generation is the same old story of delivering a quality product or service. Get your message in front of the right people and you'll increase sales. 

Want to know how to generate leads by tapping what you know? Stick around. 

In this article, you'll learn where to source leads. Then, learn the tactics used on the platforms (and your own) to bring them into the sales funnel. 

Let's get this started -- waiting any longer leaves money on the table! 

Where To Find Leads Online 

Every website, app, and social platform provides a lead gen opportunity. It's like going face- to-face when you're on the clock -- it doesn't hurt to pitch. 

That said: 

Not every online platform is worth your while. You'll want to refine your selection so you're not wasting resources. Go to where your audience flocks. What are the better platforms to use? Try: 

 Facebook, Twitter, Reddit 
 Niche, industry sites 
 Consumer forums 

Follow the money by keeping an eye on the competition, too. A competitor spending money for ads, on a platform, wouldn't do so if it didn't provide a return. So, use competitor analysis to find where they're at and make your presence as known. 

How To Get Leads Online 

Okay, you did the research and found where your audience frequents. The next task is deploying lead generation tactics to get sales. As noted in the beginning, much of what you'll do mirrors what you already do! 

#1: Share Your Virtual "Business Cards" 

Your main social account and website are your online "business cards". All that's required is getting it to your prospects. So, get active and perform outreach. Do this: 

1. Setup a great site and social account (like Facebook) 
2. Add a link to them in your email, signatures, and print materials 3. Start discussions and pitch offers on different platforms 

Someone with an interest will click through and dig into your offers. 

#2: Climb Google With Quality, SEO Content 

You're creating in-house content for employees like training materials. Likewise, the conversations had with customers go into great, topic depth. Turn those assets into online content for your website and social media shares. 

Try this simple content strategy: 

1. Go through and figure out the top 10 most asked questions 
2. Look at which competitors cover the topics and do it better 
3. Optimize it like crazy using on-page SEO strategies 
4. Build tons of links to the pillar post, helping it rank 

And like that... you'll get search engine traffic to your site. Match the search intent of the user and you'll get a lead and possible sale. 

#3: Generate Referrals With Stellar Service 

Great customer satisfaction gets people talking in real life and online. Not only will you increase the lifetime value of a customer but they'll bring in referrals. 

1. Go above and beyond with every customer 
2. Give little incentives and extras for their patronage 
3. Pitch the idea of referrals to your best customers 

A passionate customer wants to see your business a success. Their patronage leads to lead generation by word-of-mouth referrals. This is really no different than asking walk-ins a referral after they had a great experience. 

#4: Play The Ad Game 

There's not beating around the bush: You've got to spend money on ads. Advertising cuts through the noise letting you reach targeted audiences. The built-in audience tools refine the ads to specific audience details. Match the audience to an offer they want and you'll get people visiting your sales page. Try: 

 Facebook ads 
 Native ads on relevant websites 
 Influencer sponsored postings 

Convert print ads into digital media for quick entry in advertising. Start on a small budget and scale up as you see a positive return. 

#5: Give Something Away 

You're familiar with freebies, right? You can replicate freebies online through contests and promotions. Or, by gating great content and resources. Try giving away: 

 Coupons and discounts 
 Your products or services 
 In-depth guides or bonus content 

A stellar way to give things away is through online contests. 

Try hosting your contest on Facebook -- like so: 

1. Set the general rules like duration and prize 
2. Ask followers to submit why they like your products/services 
3. Hype and share the promotion/contest 
4. Pick a winner and make it a fun finale The contest gets people talking and sharing. 

Once someone signs up for entry, you'll get their contact details. You can then send marketing messages which may turn into sales. 

#6: Attend Events (Online And Offline) 

Close the distance and put a face to your business. Attend online and offline gatherings, sharing your expertise and business proposals. 

There are a lot of ways to do this: 

 Join in on Twitter discussions 
 Host a live stream and do a Q&A 
 Find and go to events listed on local sites 
 Sponsor a local event or charity 

The meetups don't have to be all about business, either. Make your presence known and your helpfulness is often enough to drive the leads. 

#7: Get Into Video 

Video content isn't a huge leap from written content. Overcome your fear of being on camera and you'll soon see how video is a wonderful lead gen tool. Try it: 

1. Pick a few topics based on questions asked by the community 
2. Setup and record your answers using your phone's camera 
3. Edit and upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn 

Then, start exploring more topics as you get comfortable with video creation. Keep creating content as you would business blogging or for internal training materials. Each video is another entry point for interested parties -- that may become leads / sales. 

#8: Partner With Experts, Competition, And Influencers 

Partner with a lead generation company to amplify your efforts and reach. Or, tap competitors and influencers for a mutually beneficial campaign. This lets you focus on delivering a great offer and experience while others do the promo. 

Find potential partners via: 

 Joint venture listings on industry forums 
 Direct messages or groups on LinkedIn 
 Face-to-face meetings with local business owners 

Realize you can do more when others handle the stuff you're not good at. Know that sometimes it's better to partner up than burn resources competing. 

Remember: Quality Over Quantity 

Anyone can get leads when they place enough sweat equity into online platforms. Hell, you can throw money at an ad campaign and get a few people coming through. Yet, not all leads are equal -- you want quality leads. 

Quality leads are those types who'll buy more product. Quality leads are those who share their experience and bring others onboard. 

Having trouble getting quality leads from your efforts? Get in touch and learn how MYB can help. Click now for a marketing consultation, and grow your biz.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about simple ways to generate leads that can convert to sales and referrals.

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