Binance Trading Relaunch After Upgrade

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Cryptocurrency trading has emerged out to be a viable means for numerous people to make decent money. Attaining success in this field becomes even more convenient when one has the availability of reliable platforms for carrying out trading operations. These platforms should not only be able to keep your transactions secure but also provide you with detailed insight into your ongoing progress. Automated trading platforms have made it considerably easy to trade with the help of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin ETFs. 

Comeback After A Loss Of $41 million 

A prominent cryptocurrency exchange Binance faced a major hack earlier this month with the attack being calculated to render a loss of $41 million. The authorities had to shut off most of the trading activities right after 7000 bitcoins in total being suddenly disappeared from several user accounts. This Tuesday, Binance came out taking the liability for the hack, thus informing the users regarding 14 security precautions. All of these have been designed so as to prevent any case of the unjustified amount being deducted during the trade. 

While this hack has already caused a considerable amount of damage to the organization in terms of monetary and user base loss, the confirmation of relaunch is revoking hope among those old users. So, it’s confirmed that Binance is going to resume its trading services very soon, thus allowing you to withdraw the amount without any hassle. 

Introduction Of A Mega Giveaway 

Binance has also put forward a grand giveaway scheme that can be considered to be some compensation to those who have found it arduous to carry on their trading activities. This giveaway scheme involves a prize pool of 50,000 BNB to be shared by users who fulfill the requirements of entering the giveaway. 

This amounts to a total of $1.26 million, which will be distributed among those who actively manage to carry out trading operations of more than 1 BTC in value. Binance has decided to use their in-house token for the prize allocation for this mega promotional event. This is surely going to encourage those who had their trades interrupted since the website put a hold on most of the trading activities. 

Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms Are On The Rise 

Successful trading career is no longer a far-fetched reality when you consider how auto trading platforms have immensely eased out this process. There are advanced tools like bitcoin revolution trading software that not only provide ease of use to the end user but also render enriched insight to help one trade better. These insights are achieved with the help of cutting-edge software technology that analyzes the market pattern so as to come up with the most favorable outcomes. 

This way, you will not only be able to generate secure money but also save a significant amount of time and efforts. While cryptocurrency might seem like a tough nut to crack, dedicated research hours and thoughtful choice of the trading platform can help you taste success. Trade Bitcoin better on Binance!

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