How To Improve Lead Generation With Top Automation Tools

how to improve lead generation sales top automation tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) end goals are increasing the sales that they generate. You should, however, note that the sales do not usually roll in automatically. You will first need to generate leads which you will convert to sales. Automating the process will boost your lead gen process significantly. Luckily there are tools in the market that you can use for that job. It is important for you to be able to work with quality leads since they convert into potential profits for your growing business. 

Here is how you can improve your lead generation using the following top tools. 

1. Leadformly 

How does this tool work? Its job is to distinguish your leads from the non-leads. Being able to separate your leads from those that do not give you an upper hand in increasing your conversion rates. The tool is there to boost your lead capture. 

2. Marketo 

Marketo is a tool whose focus is helping you get more customers and improve your revenue. Through inbound and outbound programs, the tool enhances your reach to quality audiences. What follows is driving quality traffic to your site, getting quality leads and increasing your conversions and sales. The catch is that the tools help you with running personalized campaigns which allow you to build relationships with your customers beforehand. 

3. LeadBoxer 

LeadBoxer will help you with getting leads through your emails. The tool will first of all source for and verify the emails of the leads. From there, it will go ahead and categorize the leads depending on their behavioral patterns, making it easier for you to convert them. 


Generate your leads using tools that you can easily mesh with your other sales tools. How does this tool help you generate quality leads? It does an impressive job of tracking down the emails of your prospects and verifies them. From there, it enables you to reach out to them. It does not stop there. It also goes through the clicks on your links and the replies you get thereof helping you quickly identify the visitors that are interested in your products or services. 

5. Quora 

You have probably interacted with the tool before in the Q&A section. What you might not have realized is that Quora is much more than that. On top of helping you interact with the customers and respond to their queries, the tool will help you in lead generation. How? It is merely through the interaction which gives you an arena to promote your business, help you build the authority of your site, get the view of experts and customers and drive traffic to your site. 

6. HubSpot 

This is probably the most renowned lead generation tool in the market. Businesses that have worked with it have a success story to tell. What makes the tool stand out in the crowd? First of all, the tool does a great job of tracking the behavior of your customers by overseeing your social platforms, emails, and pages. 

It gives you alerts on the activities of your leads from which you can be able to point out the quality leads and reach out. 

7. Drift 

The tool helps you generate leads through conversations. And, you need to note that this is in real time! Unlike the traditional methods that involved cold- calling, emailing, follow-ups and other not-so-effective methods, the tool integrates AI in its processes. What that means is that it gives you a smarter approach to connecting with prospects. It helps you identify the visitors you should be connecting with. 

8. Qualaroo 

The best way of generating leads is through understanding your audience. This tool does not hesitate at that. What the tool does is engaging your potential customers thus helping you understand what their needs are, giving you better grounds to address them. By so doing, your audience increases: which also means that your leads will increase. 

More so, the automation tools allow you access to information regarding what the intentions of the customers are when they click on your site. This happens through targeted questioning. As such you will be able to separate your leads from non-leads, improve your conversions, sales, and even customer experience. 

9. EngageBay

An all-in-one tool providing basic functionality of several different marketing systems, EngageBay is an inbound marketing platform. They provide one of the best end-to-end marketing automation software, which encompasses major aspects of lead segmentation, automation email templates, email personalization and other tools.

Automate And Generate

Lead generation does not need to be a tedious activity anymore. Check here for more tips on how you can effortlessly generate leads using these fantastic lead gen tools.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to improve your lead generation and sales with lead funnel and top marketing automation tools.

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