Cold Calling As A Start-Up Business: A Guide

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The average start-up business is usually rich with drive and passion but low on funds and exposure. And when this happens, it is not uncommon for certain businesses to start cold calling people as a way of introducing themselves and their company to a wide range of potential new clients. 

Unfortunately, due to scammers and poor phone etiquette from other businesses, the act of cold calling is mostly now associated with fraudsters. So, how can a well-intending new business introduce itself during a cold call without instantly being written off by the person on the other end of the line? Here is a helpful guide to making cold calls as a start-up business. 

Consider The Customer’s POV 

During that first call, imagine you are the customer. A complete stranger has called you out of the blue. Would you make a purchase during that call? Of course not! This is a chance to build some trust and rapport with a potential customer, so that means making sure they know who they are talking to and what company you represent. For example, if you are a small- scale business in Manchester, and you know the customer is also within the 0161 area code, be sure to tell them that! It helps to humanise your startup company in their eyes and leads to a much warmer second call. 

Favour A Loose Outline Over A Script 

Saying this is still considered sacrilege in many business circles. But this isn’t the eighties, and consumers expect to talk to a human, not someone struggling to keep a conversation to a rigid script. Instead, aim to hit at least 5 key bullet points during the call that confirms some interest from the customer while allowing a natural conversation to flow in between. 

Have Your Responses To Common Objections Ready 

The one area of the call that will need some pre-prepared statements is the all-too-familiar objections you will inevitably hear. There will be plenty of “I don’t have time to talk” objections and also a few “we don’t need what you are offering” objections as well! 

As long as you have done your research, you will already know the most common objections in your industry, which gives you the time to prepare the appropriate response. 

Tone Is Everything 

No matter how rude or abusive someone may be to you on the phone, it is vital that you remain polite and friendly in your tone of voice. All it takes is one bad call or a lost temper on your side for your company to be as branded rude or a scam online. 

Remember, whether you like it or not, your company was the one to call them uninvited, so you will need to expect some unhappy responses to your calls. But if you can stay positive and focus your efforts on the positive interactions you get during your business hours, you can channel that into developing a follow-up sales call that will help to build trust and eventually provide you with a strong number of loyal customers.

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