4 Stellar Ways To Save Your Company Money & Increase Sales

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Owning a business requires a great deal of dedication, time and research. You are constantly moving forward, looking for ways to improve your product or service, your work environment, marketing methods customer service and more. The ultimate goal is to increase your bottom line. Reaching that goal requires a delicate balancing act between increasing revenue and lowering operation costs. 

If you're unsure of just how to achieve such a balance, consider implementing these four ways to save your business money and increase sales

1. Use Technology To Your Advantage 

While it may seem that you are using a great deal of technology in various aspects of your day to day business operations, it's likely you are missing some key opportunities to cut costs and improve productivity through tech innovations. For example, many companies today have great success with allowing employees to work from home through the use of email, internet and video conferencing. Workers often view telecommuting quite favorably, and it can save you money on things like office space, furnishings and utilities. Telecommuting has been in wide use long enough to demonstrate its advantages and the fact that employee performance does not suffer. Inexpensive videoconferencing options like Skype of Google Hangouts are great options for your work-from- home staff. 

These tools can also help to save money on travel expenses by allowing employees to conduct meetings with stakeholders who are located at a geographic distance without having to invest in airfare and lodging. Consider utilizing other Google services like Gmail for message management and Google Calendar to schedule meetings. These resources are free and easy to use. 

2. Research New Suppliers 

Along with the lowering the costs of technology such as videoconferencing and meeting management software, you may want to take a look at the other types of services you are currently using. With new providers popping up regularly and companies offering discounts to new customers or for service bundling, you may be able to find cheaper rates for some of your most-used business tools. Take some time to research such things as phone service, internet providers, business insurance and utility companies to see if you can't find quality options at less expensive prices. Some companies such as ACN Inc. provide a number of business services such as internet, wireless, security and payment processing at discounted rates. 

3. Identify Your High-Profit Items 

Whether your company provides a product or service, it's always a smart strategy to prioritize focus on your most high-profit offering. Review your sales to see which items are the most in-demand and fetch the most revenue in sales. Then develop ideas for achieving higher sales targets on these items. You may need to enlist the help of a business or sales adviser in order to devise a strategy that works. Investing in streamlining your sales techniques will pay off in the long run with increased revenue and more efficient operations. 

4. Offer Value Incentives To Your Employees 

When economic times are tough, it's not always possible to provide pay raises to your staff. However, you want to show them the importance of their contribution and to provide them with incentive to remain at the company. A compromise that can satisfy both workers and your pocketbook is to offer value adds instead of raises. As with the flexibility of telecommuting options, employees often appreciate such things as more flexible work hours, greater say in decision-making, more impressive title or more autonomy. You may be surprised at the receptiveness you encounter when sharing some of these idea. 

These are just four suggestions for improving your bottom lines. Making these small changes can add up to big savings and higher profits for your business.


I hope you enjoyed this article on ways to save your business money and increase sales. 

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Save Money Cut Company Costs Increase Sales Bootstrap Business Frugal Entrepreneur Lean Startup Budget Branding

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