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The $10 Digital Media Startup: Part 1

$10 Startup 10 Dollar Frugal Entrepreneur Mike Schiemer Online Business Home Biz Social Media Marketing

Welcome to PART 1 of My New Article Series, and Eventual eBook! These Posts Will Tell You How I've Reached Success, Along With Thousands of Others, With An Online Digital Business Requiring Almost No Initial Investment (As Little As $10!). It's Not Quick, It's Not Easy, and it Requires Business Ingenuity. But it Can Be Done and Has Been Done By Countless Others. You Can Do It Too!!

$10 Startup 10 Dollar Frugal Entrepreneur Mike Schiemer Online Business Home Biz Entrepreneurial Inspiration Digital Strategy

My Frugal Startup Story

    I get asked all the time how I've made a living, or supplemented my income, with my vast array of digital and social media. It has come naturally to me throughout my life but only with hard work and hustle. I began selling collectibles online at the age of 13 (around 1999) on hobby websites and later on with eBay and Amazon. At age 17 I started personal training clients and began using AOL Instant Messaging and MySpace to start promoting my services. Once Facebook was available at my college in spring 2005, I immediately began using it to promote my personal training and exercise. I started my first website in 2006 promoting my online fitness media. I never had more than a junky Dell laptop with a low resolution webcam and a sub-par smart-phone (a cheap flip phone until 2009 and then a horrendous Blackberry Storm 2 until 2013!!) Fast forward to today and I have over 25,000,000 website views around the world, over 1,000 unique media posts, tens of thousands of product sales grossing hundreds of thousands of dollars, several streams of passive supplementary income, and a lucrative career in digital marketing. Even though I have been more of a "sidepreneur" (due to my other full time jobs) over the past 2.5 years, I still enjoy several consistent supplemental revenue streams and get nearly 1,000,000 monthly impressions.

$10 Startup 10 Dollar Frugal Entrepreneur Mike Schiemer Online Business Home Biz

Starting Out

So why $10? Because that's around the cost of an average domain name purchase on GoDaddy, Web.com, or the myriad of other options. That is the only necessity (and even that isn't absolutely required... but you'll look a lot better with a custom domain name and one that doesn't end in ".wordpress.com", "blogspot.com", ".wix.com", or ".weebly.com" etc. 

Besides the $10 or so for the domain name, since it is now 2015 I have to assume that in this day and age you have a usable laptop and a smartphone. If you don't have one, use public resources or use a friend's. No excuses! It is dirt cheap to get refurbished laptops, smartphones, cheap data plans, and free public WiFi. 

Revenue Generation Streams:
(I'll go into all of these in detail in Part 2 & Beyond)

1)  AdSense / WordPress Ads
2)  YouTube Partnership
3)  Premium Advertising Networks
4)  eBook Publication
5)  Affiliate Sales
6)  Brand Merchandising
7)  Sponsorships / Endorsements 
8)  Content Production
9)  Business Consulting
10) Infinite Possibilities!

I've seen people get their own TV Shows, become Chief Marketing Officers, Work For YouTube / Google, start their own successful Clothing Line, write for International Magazines, and pretty much anything else you can imagine! With the right amount of influence, intelligence, creativity, and persistence you can achieve nearly any goal you set your mind to! Be ready to maximize all opportunities but you'll also need to create your own!


It's not going to be easy, and it's certainly not a guarantee, but it's a system that has worked well for me over the years. Trial and error is necessary, but you just need to make small mistakes and learn from them. I've certainly seen hundreds of my peers make a nice living off these strategies, or at least complement their regular job's salary. It's open season for you to make your mark on the digital world! Best of luck to you all.

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$10 Startup 10 Dollar Frugal Entrepreneur Mike Schiemer Online Business Home Biz

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