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Today's Bootstrap Business topic is something very important: the art of saying NO! There are many instances in life that require you to keep an open mind. Saying yes can often lead to new opportunities and experiences. Saying YES is usually a great way to challenge yourself and broaden your horizons. However, saying yes to detrimental business deals, partnerships, positions, or relationships can be just as damaging as being overly cautious or close-minded. 

Many of us were brought up to be "people pleasers" and that can be a tough habit to break. If you are afraid to say no, you may be taken advantage of by individuals or companies that have little or no appreciation for your work. If you say yes to every mediocre opportunity that comes your way, you are essentially saying no to bigger and better opportunities. 

We've all been in situations during our careers where we have the choice between the "safe" option and the risky one that takes us out of our comfort zone. That safer option might seem easier but if you accept it you might go through life wondering "what if". And by the way, sometimes that "safe" option doesn't end up being the conservative and smart choice you anticipated. Sometimes you have to pass on people and places to reach your full potential.

When a professional or financial opportunity presents itself to you, ask yourself objectively if it's a one-sided arrangement or if it's mutually beneficial. Are you tempted to accept offers out of intimidation or low self-confidence? Fear of failing or damaging your reputation? Don't be afraid of hurting someone's feelings or being viewed as obstinate. Show some backbone! Know your worth! Don't sell yourself short! Say no to the status quo! Ask for that raise or promotion. Start that business you've been planning and dreaming of. Fight for newer and better professional possibilities!  Turn down mediocrity in all of its forms!

So in summary, regardless of your profession or financial position, learn to respect yourself, your profession, your potential, and your worth by refusing to settle. Say NO to the inadequate and YES to success!
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