Wall Street: Gordon Gekko's "Greed Is Good" Speech

Gordon Gekko from "Wall Street" (and the sequel "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps") is one of the most notorious villains (or anti-heroes depending on your perspective) in movie history. He's a symbol of greed, corruption, and manipulation on Wall Street. He's kind of a wannabe Warren Buffett... just on steroids and without any morals. Decades after the movie came out, he's still a legend of sorts in the business world. This fictional but more memorable "Wolf of Wall Street" had one of the most prolific movie speeches of all time, his "Greed Is Good" Wall Street speech. Enjoy! 

Ruthless Stock Trader Gordon Gekko in "Wall Street"
The Real "Wolf of Wall Street"!


I hope you enjoyed the epic Greed Is Good Speech from the iconic movie Wall Street!

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Best Of Luck In Business To You All!

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