5 Entrepreneurship Lessons You Can Learn From Mountaineers

entrepreneurship lessons from mountaineers

There is not much difference between entrepreneurship and mountaineering. Both have to overcome the odds and achieve success otherwise they are gone. The margin for error is non-existent for both the mountaineers and entrepreneurs. One mistake and you’re gone. 

In this article, we take a look at some entrepreneurship lessons that aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from mountaineers. 

1. Vision 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or mountaineer, you should have a vision. Without a vision, you can never succeed at entrepreneurship or mountain climbing. The vision and goal force you to push ahead. More importantly, if you did not know where you are heading and what challenges lies ahead, then you will surely end up somewhere else and struggle. You should be crystal clear about your vision and communicate that to others as well. 

2. SWOT Analysis 

Before climbing any mountain, mountaineers consider wide range of factors such as environmental factors, breath control, experience, resources etc. Sometimes mountaineers are not aware of their weaknesses and strength but that is where friends and teammates can guide you. One of the most important factors is threats. If a mountaineer accesses the threats accurately, then he will be well prepared for it in advance and can easily negate or minimize the damage done. The SWOT Analysis stands for the same philosophy: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. So the budding entrepreneurs can learn this art from mountaineers. 

3. Planning and Preparation 

As the saying goes, “One minute in planning, saves two minutes in execution”. Without proper planning and preparation, you can never give it your best shot whether it is business or mountain climbing. Prepare a solid plan by considering all the factors and prepare yourself to face the challenges that might come your way. If you can do that, then you can easily succeed at anything. Do go in both business and mountain climbing with a well thought out plan that covers all aspects. 

4. Select the Right Team 

Very few mountain climbers prefer to go alone on the mountain climbing adventure and it is very risky as well. Whether you are a mountaineer or an entrepreneur, you must select the right team that also has the same passion for the goal as you have. You also need to have very strong communication skills within your team. From fixing ropes to carrying load and setting up equipment, there is lot to be done and you cannot do it on your own. The success and failure in both entrepreneurship and mountain climbing depends on teamwork. If you can work cohesively as a team, you can win but if you cannot, you lose. It is as simple as that. 

5. Never Give Up 

Despite all the odds and number of causalities, you probably have not heard a mountain climber say, “I quit”. It is their determination and never say die attitude that propels them to new heights and enable them to overcome any obstacle that come their way. Do not be bogged down by initial failures because success lies ahead of this initial failure. No matter what the circumstances are, mountain climbers are always ready to surmount any peak irrespective harsh climatic condition there. If you look at all the successful mountain climbers and entrepreneurs, you will find this quality common among all of them. 

Final Words… 

To conclude, there are many lessons you can learn from mountain climbers. First, you should have a clear vision, hire a team that share your passion and plan and prepare for the future. You can learn from the experience but to succeed, you must have a never say die attitude. Despite the grave circumstances, these traits help them to overcome the odds. If you follow the lessons from mountaineers, then you can also succeed as an entrepreneur

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