What Can Google Teach Us About Growing A Business?

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Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, and everyone you speak to will know about them. They’re very much a company people look up to when they want inspiration on turning a small company into something that dominates the competition. Nowadays, almost everyone will use Google as their default search engine, but this wasn’t always the case. Back in the day, sites like Ask Jeeves were often used instead of it, and there was more competition. 

But Google has fought off their business competition and they now sit at the top of the pile and have grown exponentially. Now, the company is way more than just a search engine. What we want to know is how have they managed to expand their business and become the huge global corporation they are today. If we know some of the things they do, we can try and apply them to our business or include them in our business plan when we want to grow our company. 

Bearing that in mind, here’s what Google can teach us about growing a business:

Invest In The Most Important Areas Of Your Business 

Google, founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, is very good at investing in areas of their business that hold the most importance. What is the main idea of Google? Their primary business is still the search engine that people use every single day all over the world. As such, it’s of the highest importance that they stay online all the time and the servers never crash. 

Therefore, Google invests money to build and create their own hosting servers. This means they’ve given themselves complete control over their servers and are monitoring them 24/7 themselves. As a result, it leads to hardly any crashes and very little downtime. Now, if you were looking to host your own website from home using your personal computer as a DIY server, you probably wouldn’t do this as it would cost too much money and you’re better off ordering a web host service. This is exactly the point I’m trying to make. Google only invests in this because they have to and because it’s imperative to the success of their business. So, what you should do is look at what’s essential to the success of your business, and invest in that. 

Google strengthens the core foundations of their business, and it allows them to provide a top-level service that everyone loves. As a result, more people use the service as they trust it, which helps the company grow into the huge business it is today. Learn from them, invest in the pivotal areas of your business that will help you provide a better service and grow more.

Expand Into Other Areas 

One thing you notice about the Google of today compared to the Google of many years ago is how many different routes they’ve gone down. They’ve not just looked to grow as a search engine, they’ve expanded into different areas. Google is behind the Android operating system for smartphones, they even build phones themselves, and they own YouTube as well. 

This gives the company, even a restaurant business on Google, so many different ways of making money and really dominating the digital market. It’s something us small business owners need to remember when we’re looking to grow as big as can be. Of course, you should focus on your main business idea, to begin with. Work hard to become as successful as possible in your market, then think about wandering down different routes to help grow your business. 

If Google had decided to only ever focus on their search engine, they wouldn’t be as big as they are today. They’d still be huge, but it’s these other business ideas and paths that come together to make the company so incredibly massive.

Make Your Employees Feel Valued 

Perhaps an underrated piece of knowledge we can take from Google is the importance of valuing your employees. If you make your employees feel loved and cared for, they will work harder for your business. Not only that, but they’ll stay with you, which helps you reduce turnover costs and save money for your company. 

Google is well-known for providing loads of employee perks, the least of which is a fun working environment that encourages creativity and productivity. They also offer perks to help employees look after their money, be flexible with how they work, and stay healthy. 

All in all, Google employees are well looked after, and they retain a lot of them. They also have hard working staff which means the company continues to grow as everyone is working to their full potential. 

Grow Like Google

So, what can Google teach us about growing a business? To summarize; invest in the crucial areas of your company to help provide the best service possible. As you get bigger, expand into different business areas to ensure you continue to grow. Finally, take amazing care of your employees, so they ensure you continue to provide the best service across the board.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about lessons we can all learn from Google when it comes to building a successful business.

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