5 Startup Ideas For College Students And Millennials

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As a student, you are often in need of cash. There are always things that we need to either print or buy. Such small things end up taking most of our money and the little that remains goes to food and parties around campus. Here, we will show you 5 business ideas that can be good for you as a college student or Millennial / Generation Z and can help improve your finances. 

5 Top Business Ideas For University Students And Gen Z

1. E-commerce 

Many people shop online, take advantage of this! Selling things on the internet can be a very exciting experience, and the best part is you do not need a website of your own. You can use established sites like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify to sell any products that you may desire. E-commerce offers you the ability to sell as many people as you can and with little ease. You just post your product, people make their orders and you ship them. No need to pay any fees for rent or labor - all that is catered for by the company that’s hosting your virtual shop. 

Plus, most people prefer shopping online according to a recent study. Most of the products that you want to sell can be found locally or imported from other countries. Once you have your product and you’ve posted it on the e-commerce websites, all you have to do is a little marketing and watch how the money starts coming in. 

2. Tutoring 

If you are the type that top of his class and everyone comes to you for help and you normally give it without asking for anything in return, well it's time you consider the option of being compensated for your generosity. We are not talking about doing other people papers or taking exams for them. 

No, we’re talking about genuinely tutoring them. Giving them important lessons and even going a step further and preparing tests or essays for them. 

This business can be very lucrative especially the period before finals begin. Most students scramble to get a lot of knowledge within a very short period and you can assist them by preparing something that can help them do that. And students in dire need can simply buy an essay and it will help them a great deal, while earning you money.

You can also set up shop online where your services can be accessed by thousands of people. This will help increase your sales. Websites such as Udemy and Edx can assist with this as they allow users to post videos and tutorials which people can pay to watch. 

3. Moving Service 

For this particular venture, you need a small service truck, some friends that like lifting things, some hype and you are all set to go! To boost sales, you may choose to advertise your services on craigslist or forums. You can also use social media to make people aware of your services. 

This line of work does take that much time and only comes during a particular time of the month which is at the end of the month. With this in mind, Millennials can go on and do other things or focus on your school work. A lot of people are moving across the country, all seeking greener pastures or looking for something more exciting. This is a potential market for you. 

4. Photography 

Aspiring bootstrapping business bosses can definitely make at least a decent income if you are good at taking photos. In this day and age, anyone who holds a camera is basically qualified to be called a photography expert. We are not talking about those of you who take selfies, you guys are nowhere near being photographers. 

Photographers have a studio and professional lighting, they're experts when it comes to editing the photos and can give creative directions on how the photo shoot should go. 

If this is a hobby of yours, then it's high time that you turn it into something lucrative. Why not go to car dealers and offer to do a photo shoot for the fleet of cars, or go to a nail salon and ask to showcase their art through your pictures. Convince them that it could be a good marketing strategy for them and you won't charge that much. Even if things do not work out, at least you would have spent the day doing what you like. 

5. Freelance Writing 

In college, you develop a lot of writing skills that can be turned into cash. There are a lot of essay writing services online that you can register on and people can employ you to do some writing for them. Many people choose freelance writing as a part time gig, as indicated by various statistics, as so can you. 

You will write things like dissertations, essays, resumes and application letters. The more you write, the more you will be able to earn and so will your experience increase. 

If writing these kinds of things is not your cup of tea, you can opt to write articles for blogs and they should be entertaining and informative too without forgetting that they should also reflect the current trends, for example, topics on emerging markets and trends, entertainment and even on essays. Yes, you can blog on topics for cause and effect essay, how to write an effective essay, how to proofread your essay, etc. 

College Students Should Startup Strong 

It is vital that bootstrapped college students and Millennials or Gen Z come up with business ideas that can assist them in getting some extra cash for their needs. These businesses are easy to start and require almost little to no capital at all, just skills and passion. You may also decide to keep the small businesses and turn them into long prospering careers. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about some promising and profitable business opportunities for bootstrapping college students and Millennial marketers

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