5 Ways To Make Your Business More Sustainable

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We’re all much more aware of climate change and the issues facing our planet than we were 10 years ago and the effects are indeed starting to present themselves. We know that changes must be made and we look at large, multinational companies and governments to lead the way. While you may try your best to do your bit at home, always putting your boxes in the recycling etc. 

How green is your business? If you run a small business, you may be tempted to think “there’s no point, I won’t make enough difference” but, if everyone got out of that mindset the change would be enormous. Here are some ways you can quickly make your business greener and more environmentally friendly. 

Save Paper 

Paper is a huge source of waste in the business world. We go through so much of it printing documents, sending letters, and printing emails. But, in a world where so much is online, is there any need? Some ways for employees to be more environmentally responsible and use less paper include: 

• Sign up for paperless services, such as bank statements 

• Send emails. You don’t need to print them; they’ll be on your account, viewable on all of your devices unless you delete them 

• If you do need to print, do it double-sided 

• Save everything to the cloud. This has so many advantages. As well as saving paper, the cloud has scalability for online business, allows you to access your documents wherever you are, makes it easier to organize them, and gives you the option to share with others. 

Switch Off 

Switching things off instead of on to stand by might seem small, but over a year it can save a tremendous amount of power. Make sure all equipment is turned off whenever it’s not in use. You’ll save money on electricity too. A little extra effort and habit can end up going a long way to help go green and save green.

Use Less Water

Some larger companies incentivize their staff to use less water by incorporating it into staff bonuses. If enough water is saved, they get an extra percentage point. This kind of incentive is a very good idea to encourage people to think. Simply turning taps off and making sure they don’t drip and only taking what you need from the water cooler can go a long way. 

Another way to save water is to install a short flush or a displacement dam on your toilets. A displacement dam saves around 4 liters of water, every flush. That’s a lot of saved water over a year. 


Recycling is the easiest thing we can do to be greener, both at home and in business. Recycling allowances are slightly different depending on who does your collection, so check before you start putting everything in the recycling and make sure you do it right. You could also look for suppliers who take packaging back to be reused and use environmentally friendly supplies. 

Cut Heating Costs 

No one wants to be freezing at work, but investing in jackets and jumpers for your business, which can be branded and look great, is another simple way of cutting costs. You should also make sure your building is drought proof and well insulated. 

Sustainability Summary

Being green doesn’t need to be difficult, just get into the habit of making the right choices. You may even find that being well known as a green company could help your business grow.

I hope you enjoyed this article about helping your company go green and increasing sustainability. 

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