4 Tips To Help Your Company Go Green

how to help company go green

Most businesses, even small ones, produce a high volume of waste daily. This is definitely something that can be bad for the environment if it isn’t handled properly. It is essential that you do all that you can to make sure that your trash and waste are handled properly every day. Here are just a few tips to help your company to get started and go green

Use Recycling Collection 

Trash in landfills is an environmental nightmare because many materials leach toxic chemicals or produce greenhouse gases. You don't need to contribute to that waste. Check out a recycling service like Weidle G F Sanitation that provide recycling containers and pick up a wide variety of recyclable materials, such as plastics, cans, paper, cardboard and glass. Additionally, check out services that take food waste from your cafeterias or trash cans and turn it into compost or fuel via recycling

Create Several Green Plans 

Ask yourself if you can improve any of your business practices with green alternatives. Create a short- term term plan that you can initiate immediately and a long-term plan for the next year or five years. Consider green equipment, furniture and process investments, and think about the roles your employees must take on to help your business go green. 

For example, replace paints that contain a lot of volatile organic chemicals with low-VOC alternatives. Invest in water-saving processes like drip-irrigation and automated sprinklers for outdoor landscaping and low-flow toilets and hot water recirculation systems in bathrooms to save on business utilities

Invest In Energy Savers 

The burning of fossil fuels creates a lot of pollution. You can reduce your contribution to it by reducing the amount of energy used on-site. For example, purchase newer office and production equipment designed to save energy. 

Invest in automated heating, cooling and lighting systems so that no one can constantly adjust the thermostat or lighting. Lastly, invest in outlet timers that shut off power to devices when they're not in use. 

Engage Employees 

Regular employee training and involvement are critical for making your business green. Share green office strategies via email, in person and on bulletin boards regularly. Also, provide employees with extra green home tips. Consider offering "green" incentives to boost the level of employee involvement. For example, you might give employees who carpool a gas card once a month or give away branded products to employees who actively promote green strategies. 

Go Green!

Although there are many other ways that your business can go green, these tips provide you with several environmentally-friendly solutions that you can begin to implement immediately. Start today. Going green does more than help protect the environment, it can also make your business more appealing to vendors and customers.

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