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Being environmentally friendly in the workplace isn’t just helpful to the environment, but it can also be a mutually beneficial thing for the entire company as a whole. The following techniques for environmental friendliness can actually end up saving the company a lot of money in the long run. Make an effort to implement these eco-friendly changes to both help preserve the environment and to possibly increase the productivity of your business at the same time. 

Consider Remote Workers 

Remote working can actually be one of the most environmentally friendly and profitable moves that a company can make. Though some have been a bit skeptical about the motivation of remote workers, it has been found that remote working can actually improve morale. In addition to improving morale, having a remote working arrangement can save the office a great deal of electricity and space; this results in a much smaller carbon footprint. 

Recycle Old Model Material For New Model Development 

If the company happens to make physical products, then one of the best things you can do for environmental friendliness is to consider recycling your used ones. Instead of seeking out new raw materials for every single product, just use the material from older models to create the newer ones. You can still create new designs while cutting back on how much is consumed for the new projects in general. Without sacrificing anything in quality, you can both save money and make the environment a little bit healthier as your company continues to roll out new products. 

Strategically Place Recycling Bins In Plain Sight 

Just having recycling bins in the workplace can be a very effective way to encourage more recycling in general. Even though people might be motivated to be environmentally friendly, it can be very easy to let green habits fall by the wayside without reminders. Help everybody stay consistent by visiting a company and getting properly sized recycling bins in plain sight for everybody to use. 

Utilize PCW Paper 

Consider using post-consumer waste (PCW) paper. If possible, you can completely get away with never using paper at all. There are plenty of eco-friendly options that can stand in the place of paper if you do your homework on PCW options. PCW is made from all of the conventional paper that gets thrown at the recycling bins, but it’s still completely usable after it’s been recycled. Not only is it still completely usable, but it takes only about half of the energy and waste as the standard paper. 


All of these changes are very easy to put the place. Without needing to make any sweeping changes to the structure of the business, you can save a great amount of money and help the environment at the same time just with these small considerations. Not only will you be doing the environment a good service, but the public image of your company will improve along with its productivity and profit margin.

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Frugal Entrepreneur Lean Startup Go Green Energy Efficient Workplace Company Bootstrap Business

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