An Overview Of Worker's Compensation

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Worker's Compensation: What Does It Really Mean? 

Workers’ compensation is benefit that is supposed to assist injured workers until they can get back to work. The benefit provides injured workers with a variety of compensatory benefits such as medical care, rehabilitation, mileage reimbursement and portion of their lost work wages. All employees who get hurt on the job are eligible for this benefit regardless of how long they’ve been on the job, who caused the injury and what type of injury it is. The benefit will cover workers who burn their hands as well as workers who slip and fall. 

The Process of Collecting Workers’ Compensation 

An injured worker should immediately contact his or her supervisor and the human resources department to report an injury of any kind. The worker only has a certain amount of time to report the injury, so prompt notification is advised. The supervisor then files the report. The worker must receive medical treatment at an appointed medical specialist rather than the physician of choice. The benefits will come to the worker after the governing organizations review the case. 

When the Injury Includes Neglect 

Workers’ compensation cases are supposed to be hassle-free and beneficial to the injured worker. However, sometimes things do not work out the way the worker wants them to. Sometimes the insurance company denies the claim, and the worker has to file an appeal. Some cases qualify for personal injury compensation instead of worker’s compensation. Personal injuries occur because of the employer’s neglect in their workplace

For example, a worker may slip and fall on a warehouse floor because the employer failed to remove an oil slick. And this is the one of the most common causes of how back injuries at work occur.

That situation could be grounds for a personal injury case, which could possibly provide the consumer with more money that a workers’ compensation case could. However, the worker is not allowed to file two types of cases at the same time. 

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney For Worker's Comp Cases

Anyone who gets hurt on the job should consider contacting a personal injury attorney. For example a slip and fall attorney in Las Vegas specialist can assess the case and let the person know if there is a chance for a case win. If neglect is present, it may be best for the worker to go the route of personal injury. The worker could receive compensatory damages that will cover all that person’s lost work wages. The individual could also receive punitive damages if the neglect is severe. It may be worth it to schedule a free consultation.

I hope you enjoyed this article providing an overview of worker's compensation and what it might mean for your business.

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