How To Find Love If There Is No Time For Personal Life

how to find love no time persona life balance workaholic

The work-life balance — this topic is touched upon in almost every consultation, regardless of the problem with which people turn to a psychologist. In some cases, the interlocutors directly blame work for problems with their personal life. In others, on the contrary, they do not realize that it is precisely because of excessive dedication in work that they have no time for relationships. In this article, we will try to dispel the myths about work-life balance and tell you how to build real relationships without sacrificing a career. 

Work And Personal Life — Is Balance Possible? 

You can plan your day, evenings with mail-order brides from, month or year as much as you like, and as a result, one random meeting or an unforeseen event will cancel all your plans. And this is just the first reason why popular tips for finding balance don’t work. We succeed in what we devote more time and energy to. And if now, it is more crucial for you to achieve recognition at work, your personal life will automatically fade into the background. If the priority is the family, existing or planned, career growth will slow down. Should you take this as a vicious circle? No. After all, priorities tend to change. To find a balance, you need to increase dedication where it is most needed. 

Life Priorities — True And Imposed 

The crucial and most difficult step is setting priorities. And it’s not about the to-do list for today and their distribution in order of importance. It is about global things: 

● family, 
● career, 
● relationships with loved ones, 
● hobbies. 

You have to choose the essential area based only on your inner feelings and not on generally accepted or imposed standards. The future depends on how honest you are with yourself. 

Are Work And Business The Real Problem? 

Physical, mental, moral fatigue from work really often interferes with building relationships. But not less often people use work to justify their own laziness. After all, to find a life partner, start a family or build at least a conditionally serious relationship, you need to make efforts: 

● Get in shape; 
● Take care of yourself; 
● Try to be attractive; 
● Go where you can meet people of interest; 
● Communicate; 
● Get out of your comfort zone. 

With this approach, there is only one chance to find love — to meet it among colleagues. But even for this, you need to fulfill at least the first three points listed above. 

how to find time for dating life work balance relationship busy working schedule

How To Find Love Without Sacrificing Your Career 

In this case, psychologists advise: 

1. Make sure that finding a life partner is really more essential to you now than new achievements at work. 

2. Organize your workflow so that you don’t have to stay at work late, take work home, or come to the office on weekends. Delegate everything that can be delegated. Control only the crucial tasks. 

3. Determine what type of men or women you are interested in, where they spend their time, and try to appear there. 

That is, the goal should not be the balance between work and personal life, but the correct arrangement of priorities in each specific situation.

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