Top 5 Tips To Live In Co-Living Space In Singapore

top tips live in co-living space in singapore

Not everyone is comfortable living with strangers or even friends under the same roof. One might be okay with having some guests over for a while but even the thought of having to live with someone else and share the house can be frightening. 

Though if one can get over the mental obstacle, co-living is actually a very productive practice. It mostly started because youngsters and college students wanted to save money and be able to afford the rent. It also helps build a communal vibe and teaches you many things which you would have never thought of before. On top of those things are the etiquettes. Co-living brings with itself a bunch of dos and don’ts that you should know about. So if you are in Singapore and you are going to live in a co-working space then let’s dive in and explore the various kinds of etiquettes. 

Work On Your Vibe 

Living with strangers is not a very easy thing to do for anyone but if you have to do it then you better do it right. Working on your vibe does not mean that you have to change anything in yourself, it only means that you have to learn how to interact in a way that sends out a positive vibe. It is basically to keep negative energies at bay and to avoid any kind of friction. If you have to live together under one roof it is very important that the atmosphere be friendly and welcoming between each of the residents. 

Make sure that you have a smile on your face whenever you talk or respond to anyone around you. Life is full of frustration and disappointments but never project it on others. On the other hand you can sit and share your burdens with them if they are sitting free and willing to listen to you. Following such basic things will help you have a peasant co-living singapore experience. 

Clean And Tidy Should Be Your Mantra 

One thing that people living in co-living spaces hate is that one resident who makes a mess wherever he/she goes. 

Never be that one resident. Make sure you always remind yourself to do the little things like putting away the dishes after eating, putting your clothes in the laundry and not on the sofas, leaving your slippers in the hallway and many more. The aim is to keep your belongings in the right place and not to make a mess. Even though your bedroom is not commonplace you can still keep it nice and presentable for others. No one should probably judge you for an untidy bedroom but keeping it clean will only put you in practice for doing the same with the rest of the house. 

While most people are conscious about such things there are many who do not seem to realize that they are making the place untidy with their actions. If you come across someone like that then make sure you tell them this very calmly and only afterward when they are alone. 

Follow The House Rules 

The house rules are a set of rules that are kept in place to maintain order in the house and to prevent it from spiraling into chaos. The rules are also very effective in preventing fights and blame games which would be a common sight if some strangers were made to live together. The house rules can be for anything. The common ones are - allocating days for doing the dishes, allocating duties to take the trash out, keeping footwear clear of the living room, cleaning the fans and so on. 

Other than just duties there will also be rules for noise levels and time slots for doing certain activities in certain areas of the house. 

You will find all types of house rules in Singapore due to the varied pool of ethnicity and culture. It’s very important to respect the house rules especially if you want to avoid trouble and want some respect back towards you. 

Learn To Ask Before Using 

One very important thing to learn when going for co-living is to always ask before using, eating or drinking anything. 

If you’re living alone or with your family, you would never hesitate to take a sip from a juice jar or have an apple from the fridge but it doesn’t work that way in co-living spaces. Everything in the fridge belongs to someone or the other and that person may not be up for sharing it. It’s always best to ask even if you want a sip from a carton of almond milk. Taking permission will always feel nice both ways. 

Apart from eating or drinking, even using some products without asking, like a hair drier or an iron which is not yours is also bad manners. Simply call for the owner of the object and request to use it. You will hardly get a no and even if you do simply learn to respect the decision. 

Phone Etiquettes 

Probably the most normal thing for you to do is to sit in the living room comfortably and talk on the phone. In co-living houses, the living area is the common area and talking too much on the phone or too loudly will simply annoy others who live with you. 

Also, many people keep their phones on ‘loud’ and keep the phone volume on max. Notch it down a  bit or put it on silent if you can. No one would want to keep listening to the random beeps and tones that are caused by all sorts of messages and calls you receive. 

There are a handful of other etiquettes that you should also know about if you are about to spend some time in co-living places in Singapore but these are probably the ones that are the most common and the most important. Learning these will make you a better you no matter where you are in the world when living with others.

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