What is Franchise Marketing and Why Your Business Needs It

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Having a persuasive marketing message is necessary, but it is pointless unless your message is delivered to the right audience.

This is why advertising firms have come up with different marketing plans. It ensures that your brand is recognized and your marketing message is delivered to the right audience.

What advertisement activities constitute franchise marketing? These activities include content marketing, email marketing, trade shows, commercials, pay-per-click, and many more.

Does your business need franchise marketing? Read on to find out more about branding and advertising for franchises.

How Is Franchise Marketing Done?

Here are some channels used for franchise marketing:

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising helps you get in front of the right audience at the right time. The PPC technique is very important, especially when stakes are high. It uses search engine channels such as Bing and Google Ad Words to target potential customers at every stage of their research process.

Your PPC campaign can turn into a lead generation machine when properly layered on top of the right display network.

Some display networks such as Google display network can reach about 80 percent of Internet users. However, you shouldn’t only depend on the display network to obtain results, but consider social network such as Facebook as well.

2. Mail Advertising

Like any other franchise marketing tool, mail advertising needs to be well-planned and closely tracked. This approach targets potential franchisees and uses tracking technology to track response rates.

3. SEO

With about 4 billion searches in a day, so many people rely on Google to find answers to their questions. This is why it’s important to include SEO in your franchise marketing plan. In addition, you should also choose the correct keyword to boost the flow of visitors to your website.

4. Promotions

You can combine traditional promotions with promotions that use technologies to reach your target market. The technology options will give you a low investment alternative to reach prospective customers.

5. Sponsorships

There are some sponsorship opportunities that can help your business with franchise development marketing. Take advantage of sponsorship opportunities in your area to interact with the target business.

What’s great about this is that it doesn’t only help with franchise marketing but also helps to build brand equity.

6. Trade Shows

The trade show is an excellent way to promote your brand and products that your business offers. It’s also a great way to connect with other members of your industry and expand your customer base.

When attending a trade show, don’t just pass out business sales materials, but also collect contact information and email addresses.

7. Social Media

It’s necessary to go where your potential customers spend their time. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide a platform to interact with franchisees. You should be active on these sites and discuss both sales and non-sales matters in an effort to build your brand and create a franchise pipeline.

8. Marketing Automation

This is one of the most viable options to use in franchise marketing. With proper planning and careful execution, this approach allows you to nurture each prospective franchisee by providing them with personalized and timely touch points at scale.

Read our blog post on how AI is reshaping the future of digital marketing.

9. Website

You should consider your website a 24/7 salesperson. Your website guides both end clients and potential franchisees to find out about your franchise and learn more about your business operations.

Does Your Business Need Franchise Marketing?

Franchise marketing has a number of benefits, from greater buying power and increased brand recognition to helpful listing tools. Read on to learn more.

1. Increased Brand Recognition

Franchise marketing helps customers recognize your brand. Customers tend to favor a brand name that they recognize, especially if they had a positive encounter with that brand.

Additionally, SEO algorithms give your business conspicuous positioning in local searches.

2. Franchise Marketing Has Multiple Listing Tools

Many local directories including Bing Local, Google Business, YP.com, Yahoo Local, and Yelp offer multiple franchise support or multiple listing tools. As a franchise owner, you can list all your franchise locations quickly and easily, without the trouble of creating an isolated listing for every business.

With the huge number of local listing sites and directories found on the web, many investors find it devastating to create and run so many social media pages and listings.

3. Greater Purchase Power

Franchises are able to save significantly by purchasing products in bulk. In the same way, they can also request much more favorable charges on advertising in national and local markets through bulk buying bargain.

While many local businesses would never dare conduct certain types of marketing techniques, a franchise combines the marketing budget of its franchisees in order to bring new customers on board. This marketing budget is very effective in advertising, and it’s more than the individual business could afford on their own.

4. Website Development

Franchise marketing also provides a convenient way of developing and maintaining your website. When creating your business’s website, the best option for you is to develop one main website for the entire business.

Each franchisee is given its subpage, which can be accessed through a ‘locations’ feature. 

Franchisees are free to modify their own subpage, and can even maintain their own local specials.

5. Better Data Analysis

One of the major challenges for franchises is data storage. Without a complete and consistent view of the client’s journey, franchises aren’t able to apply data-driven insights to their marketing.

A decentralized web presence is likely to result in decentralized web analytics. This means you will need excessive administrative resources to manage your business.

A centrally managed website makes it easy to use a single web analytics tool to track the performance of the business. This provides the franchisor with a better view of consumer behavior on the website.

Better data analysis helps your business give customers a unified and consistent online consumer experience.

Franchise Marketing Prevents the Fragmentation of Brand Standards

Your business brand is more than just taglines and colors. It’s a complete experience that speaks to customers and prospects on a number of fronts.

Creating a marketing campaign that embodies your brand is not an easy task. But franchise marketing helps your marketing campaign to have a powerful implication on your brand.

Since virtually every business is relying on digital marketing to grow, you should up your digital marketing efforts. Check out our blog to learn how bootstrapping businesses can grow through digital marketing strategies.

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