7 Best Clickfunnels Alternatives

top clickfunnels alternatives 2021 best sales funnel software

Top Click Funnels Alternatives You Need To Know About
best clickfunnels alternatives 2021

Entrepreneurs always love being able to do things by themselves. 

It is part of their whole image. It is their vision, their hard work, and suddenly they are their own boss. 

But the reality is, even the most successful of us, can sometimes need an extra hand. 

Clickfunnels is a helping hand that almost every entrepreneur knows. 

This software helps business owners to create their website, provides automatic sales funnels with a whole bunch of templates and extra features which can help just about anyone to start their online business or affiliate marketing venture. 

While Clickfunnels may be very well known in the market, as it’s super easy to use and is perfect for both new and experienced business owners, it is important to remember that they are not the only option. 

Their software is great, but the truth is, it is quite pricey! 

Their basic plan which is designed for beginners and small businesses costs $97 a month - which is quite expensive if you have a low income. 

The more advanced plan, which is designed for more established businesses costs a whopping $297 a month! 

There are lots of different platforms that offer similar options but at different prices with varying strengths and weaknesses. 

Every business is unique and has its own unique needs. So, you’ll need to consider all of your options to make sure you’re choosing the right software. 

And that’s where we’re here to help with the top SaaS solutions. 

We’ll be discussing the 7 best Clickfunnels alternatives for your business. 

1. Systeme.io 

systeme.io top clickfunnels alternative sales funnel software

Founded by Aurelien Amacker, systeme.io is the perfect all-in-one software designed for entrepreneurs to launch their online business. 

It is a marketing platform completely integrated, which has enabled users to complete all of their marketing tasks in one easy-to-use program. 

One of the platform’s best features is the compact integrated nature of the software which is easy enough for just about any beginner to master. 

Users are able to create memberships, affiliate programs, or entire sales funnels, manage their email lists as well as send unlimited emails, and launch their blog all in one software, how amazing is that? 

And their price plan is also another huge benefit, being one of the cheapest on the market. 

Their price plan: 

• Startup plan costs $27 per month 
• Webinar plan costs $47 per month 
• Enterprise plan costs $97 per month 

They also offer a free 14-day trial, without you needing to type in any credit card details. 

2. Unbounce 

unbounce sales funnel software program

Unbounce specialize in landing page creation, and boasts an impressive drag and drop editor. 

They offer users an impressive amount of freedom in crafting either standalone landing pages or fully customizing features. 

Users also have the freedom to integrate Unbounce with other tools, whereas with Clickfunnels, you have to use their tools. 

This is mainly because the software doesn’t include campaign assistance or email marketing, and their shopping cart support and checkout page isn’t very good quality. 

This unfortunately means that users need to buy other software to replace the missing puzzle pieces. 

But if creating efficient and eye-catching landing pages is of high importance to your business, then Unbounce may just be the tool for you. 

Their price plan: 

• Launch plan costs $80 per month 
• Optimize plan costs $120 per month 
• Accelerate plan costs $200 per month 
• Scale plan costs $300 per month 

Each package includes plenty of landing page templates with the super easy-to-use drag and drop technology. 

3. 10 Minute Funnels 

10 minute funnels software

Just as their name implies, setting up your website, landing pages, and marketing funnels has never been easier nor quicker! 

This software allows users to effectively design their marketing campaigns and attractive websites in a matter of minutes. 

They offer an efficient and super drag and drop technology to create landing pages. 

The landing pages are all mobile-friendly, and the software includes a shopping card, built-in analytics, and tons of widgets for you to customize with. 

With no page number limit or need for technical skill, you can create to your heart’s content! 

Their price plan: 

• The Standard plan costs $67 per month. 
• The Premium plan costs $167 per month. 

While 10 Minute Funnels may cost quite a bit more than most of the other tools, their list of impressive features and services make up for it. 

Still not sure which price plan to choose? Don’t worry! 

They have a great feature that allows you to choose any price plan for 14 days for just $1! 

4. Samcart 

samcart sales funnel program

Samcart doesn’t place a big importance on sales funnels, they are more focused on ensuring a smooth and optimized shopping cart transaction and checkout. 

Many business owners consider it one of the best shopping-cart services on the market. 

They do a great job at retaining customers who are already interested in purchasing your products, which of course, reduces your cart abandonment rate. 

Unfortunately, they don’t offer any autoresponder assistance and aren’t very helpful when it comes to creating landing pages. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one software, it’s not Samcart. 

But if you’re happy using other softwares to fill in the missing pieces, while providing some of the best shopping experiences, then Samcart is the one for you. 

Checkout is super simple, attractive, and efficient. It also integrates really well with PayPal

Samcart provides users with a free 14-day trial, followed by three different packages to choose from. 

You can choose to either pay monthly or annually, but will receive a discount if you opt for the annual payment plan. 

Their price plan: 

• Their Launch plan costs $49 per month. 
• The Grow plan costs $99 per month. 
• The Scale plan costs $199 per month. 

5. Instapage 

instapage selling software

Instapage provides one of the most scalable solutions to high-budget growth marketing programs. 

Instapage is landing page software that is quite similar to Unbounce. 

Much like Unbounce, its main feature includes an efficient easy-to-use landing page builder with clear drag and drop technology. 

However, Instapage offers a clever heatmap feature. 

The heatmap enables users to monitor web traffic on the site, so that users can identify the way customers navigate the website. 

This makes it easier for users to design and improve their customer’s user experience. 

In fact, Unbounce and Instapage are so similar that many business owners experience a real Sophie’s Choice moment when they need to decide how they’re going to create their landing page. 

A downside to Instapage is that it doesn’t include many built-in images, which means that the user will have to source their own. 

This is particularly important to note if you’re not very well versed in online photo research, and can end up being quite time-consuming. 

Maybe that can help you choose which software is better. 

However, much like Unbounce, both the checkout page and shopping cart support aren’t strong features. 

Their price plan: 

• Their optimizing plan costs $199 per month 
• Their converting plan is custom-based. 

You choose your features and get given a quote. 

6. Builderall 

builderall sales funnel marketing solution

Builderall aims to be an all-in-one solution for both sales funnels and marketing tools. 

They have quite a few advantages over Clickfunnels, such as being significantly cheaper, having unlimited pages, domain names, data streams, and a complete marketing platform. 

However, they are also quite inexperienced, with a much smaller audience and poor customer support. 

Their software also experiences a couple of glitches and their editor isn’t super easy to use, but if your budget is quite low, it may be an option worth considering. 

Their price plan: 

• Builder plan costs $29.90 per month 
• Premium plan costs $69.90 per month 
• Funnel Club plan costs $99.90 per month 

7. Ontraport 

ontraport automated sales solutions

While clickfunnels does sales funnels really well, Ontraport does it all; from sales, to campaigns, to finance. 

The biggest main advantage over Clickfunnels is the focus on automating as much of the selling process as they can. 

A smaller company could handle this on their own, but for a bigger and more established business, this feature is truly invaluable and sets them apart from Clickfunnels. 

On the downside, they don’t really work well with individual sales funnels features, and the automation process can be frustrating for smaller businesses. 

If you’re looking for a single software solution to run your business, that also has a good payment integration, then this may be the one for you! 

Their pricing plan: 

• Basic costs $79 per month. 
• Plus costs $147 per month. 
• Pro costs $297 per month. 
• Enterprise costs $497 per month. 

Top ClickFunnels Alternative Runner-Up: CloudFunnels

It has the same features which Clickfunnels has but it is very affordable and also offers many free plugins like CRM features which saves a lot of money. Consider CloudFunnels as a viable frugal replacement for ClickFunnels today.

ClickFunnels Conclusion 

Right now, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of your choices, but rather too many sales automation software programs than too little, right? 

Each business is unique and has unique needs, so you need to carefully consider all of the features the software offers, and how they can provide solutions for your business, while you’re within your budget. 

You should also definitely read up some more about all your various software solution options to ensure you’re making the right decision about whichever platform you choose. 

So get started, and make the jump to a better, cheaper sales software program!

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