HelloPrint 101: Mastering The Art Of Banner Design For Every Occasion

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Over the years, banners have been a powerful advertising and marketing tool for organizations across various industries. Virtually all kinds of messages can be communicated through a banner. Whether you’re promoting an event, a product, or a service, a banner can be an impactful tool. 

However, mastering the art of banner design for every occasion is a necessity for creating top- notch persuasive banners. This article exposes a few rules you need to keep in mind for designing exceptional banners, as well as the pitfalls to avoid. 

What Are The Rules Of Banner Design? 

Principles, rules, or well-defined strategies make results predictable. The same is true when it comes to designing a banner for every occasion. Most of the time, businesses or their graphics designers make a lot of design mistakes that eventually defeat the purpose of their banners. 

So, to help you avoid some of the common banner design mistakes, here are a few rules to keep in mind when designing your organization’s banner. 

Use Clear And Legible Fonts 

Many times, graphics designers attempt to prove their creativity by applying artistic fonts that make reading the banner content difficult, especially from a distance. 

What is the point if readers (potential customers) cannot clearly see or understand your write-up due to the complicated fonts applied on the banner design? Eventually, the goal of the advert will be defeated. Therefore, ensure to use simple, clear, and legible fonts on your banner design. 

Use Vector Images 

Just like you need to use font styles that are clear and easy to read, you also need sharp-quality images. Not all image quality will come out well on your banner, especially after printing. 

For example, bitmap images feature a set of number of pixels. You can only expand them to a certain extent; otherwise, they get to a DPI that is not okay for printing. Rather, use vector images that apply mathematical equations in determining their shapes, colors, lines, and locations. You can expand them and still retain their clarity. 

Maintain Color Contrast And Consistency 

No matter the banner you are designing, do everything possible to maintain color contrast and consistency. Not all text colors blend with certain background colors. 

Some background and text color combinations can make it difficult for readers to see the information on your banner clearly from afar. So, you may want to maintain a simple color scheme with about or three colors when designing your banner. 

Maintain Focus On The Message 

No matter the elements, shapes, colors, write-up, or general creativity you include in your banner design, kindly stay focused on the message. The goal of the advert will be defeated if readers become confused with too many colors, texts, or elements. 

Therefore, always remember that “less is more.” The most important thing about your banner is the message. In fact, that is what every other thing should focus on. The text, colors, logo, slogan, etc., should all emphasize the message you want your readers to understand. 

Balance All Design Elements 

Disorganization is another common mistake, especially with amateur graphics designers. No matter how perfect your texts and other elements may be, if they are not properly arranged, your banner will appear disorganized. 

At every point of the design process, verify to be sure that all the elements align properly. You may also need to conduct a thorough check once you finish the design. Sometimes, requesting a colleague or superior graphics designer to vet your work can also help you improve. 

Include A Call To Action (CTA) 

Except your goal is to entertain, do not forget to always include a call to action on your banner. This is mostly vital when it comes to designing banners aimed at promoting a product / service or an event. 

You certainly need your reader’s feedback, and the way to get instant feedback in most cases is through a call to action. Most people would defer a buying decision if you don’t put a little pressure on their emotions. 

Displaying a product for sale on a banner only will not close the sale. A call to action statement tells the readers what you want them to do after engaging with your advert. 

Make A Lasting Impression 

A banner has the power to leave a lasting impression in your readers’ minds. Simple things like a slogan or a unique logo or image can create a memory. The slogans of some brands have penetrated the minds of their customers and the general public to the point that it has become an anthem. 

Take some time to think about something that can deeply resonate with your readers that will be difficult to easily forget after a contact with your advert. It could be your logo, a unique slogan, or motto. 

How Can I Improve My Banner Design? 

In addition to the tips above, generating design ideas from other professional designers can help you improve your banner design. Most times, a new design is just another old design that was transformed by creativity. 

What more? Sometimes, the issue is not necessarily with your design but with the final print quality. Hence, another vital factor that will transform your design into an extraordinary banner that grabs the attention of passers-by is high-quality printing. 

Final Words 

One of the things that make pilots stand out is adherence to instructions. Rules enhance the outcome of your engagement. Mastering the art of banner design for every occasion requires strict adherence to the tips unveiled in this article. 

While focusing on creating excellent banners for your events, product exhibitions, or sales promotion, ensure that you leverage professionals when it comes to printing. HelloPrint delivers exceptional banner qualities no matter your expectations.

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