How To Get Customers To Stay Longer And Spend More

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There is nothing more deflating than when people catch sight of your retail store or even step outside without showing any real interest. Having the right goods on offer isn’t all there is to a successful store, as you will soon find out. But there are a lot of tricks you can pull from that magic hat to make your customers all the more likely to stay, to look, and to buy a lot more.

Spellbinding Stores 

The first and more effective way to make your store a place that people actually want to shop in is to focus on the aesthetics above all else, first of all. Beyond arranging goods as a part of smart visual merchandising, the right visual brand can have a huge impact. Colors can have a real change in mood, for instance, with sky blues being amongst the most psychologically welcoming and calming hues, while yellows are proven to create feelings of happiness and to energize customers. Colors are associated with different behaviors, such as using red to highlight a sense of urgency for impulsive buyers, too. Finding the right palette and overall visual style for your store can have more of an effect than you might believe. 

Mesmerize The Senses 

If you want to truly get them sucked in, you need to think about more than the visual aspect of the store, too. Using a commercial scent diffuser to create different scents can have just as powerful a reaction. You can use lavender, for instance, to create a more relaxing atmosphere that encourages spending longer in that location. More lively scents like citrus can be used to create a pleasant alertness drawing attention to a particular area or product, too. Scents for smell, music for sound, and a comfy chair for touch can all do a lot to create a more welcoming environment at your place of business

Technological Wizardry 

It’s a different kind of magic, but in today’s digital society, it’s a highly powerful one. Nowadays, more retail stores are starting to use things like location based marketing to alert people visiting the store of deals that are happening near them, using the combination of convenience and urgency to draw more traffic. Some are using the omnichannel, too, combining ecommerce services with in store pickup to use the convenience of the online to draw more traffic into the store where people might be likely to pick up something extra. 

The Charms Of A Good Team 

Having excellent customer service in a store will have the longest lasting impact on creating returning customers at the end of the day. Training your staff in how to be polite and congenial is a start, but the best way to make sure they stay pleasant to focus on their morale. The manager and employer that truly cares for the team and offers extra perks like a break room or some simple kindness and respect is a lot more likely to have a more personable team. 

Customer Connection

At the end of the day, all truly successful retail stores need to be more than just a location to buy things. They have to be an experience. Whether it’s reaching them through the internet, appealing to all of their senses, or relying on the magic of good interpersonal skills, you have to make that experience.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to put a spell on your customers to get them staying longer at your business and spending more money.

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