Millennial Marketer: 30 Lessons Learned in Business by Age 30

Mike Schiemer Michael J Schiemer Social Media Marketing Millennial Business

I just turned 30 recently and I've been reflecting on my journey in business. I've come along way from being an average employee or a modest sole proprietor to successfully executing digital marketing and social media campaigns for various multi-billion dollar international corporations over the past 4 years. While I've certainly made my fair share of mistakes along the way, I've learned invaluable lessons that have made me a better and more well rounded business professional. Some of these could be viewed as a bit cliche, but that doesn't make them any less true. For each one of these 30 nuggets of knowledge I could go into pages of stories and experiences... but I'll have to save that for future posts and articles. I've certainly learned countless business lessons over the years, but here are some of the most important. 

Mike Schiemer Michael J Schiemer Social Media Marketing Millennial Business

1) Under-promise and over-deliver! Then over-deliver some more!

2) You can't do it all on your own. Ask for help. Help others. Be a team player. 

3) Patience goes a long way. Be proactive, put in the work, but realize that some good things will take time. 

4) Stand out from the pack. The worst thing you can do is be just like everyone else.

5) Don't settle for mediocrity. You deserve better.

6) Pay attention to your job and what you can control. Don't get caught up worrying about peers, others' job responsibilities, salary comparisons, or office politics. Do your job and excel at it.

7) Life isn't fair. Deal with it. You don't have to view this fact in a negative manner, just realize that you can't always control everything. Do your best to make the right decisions, try your hardest, and then let go.

8) No pressure, no diamonds. No risk, no reward.

9) It's better to fail quickly and inexpensively.

10) Create VALUE!!!

11) Learn from past mistakes. You don't usually learn a lot from being right all the time.

12) Any obstacle can be overcome.

13) Keep everything in perspective. Don't risk damaging the big picture for small inconveniences or disagreements.

14) You reap what you sew. One way or another, putting in the work will pay off. It could be immediately or years later, but it will happen.

15) It's better to have (x)% of something than 100% of nothing.

16) Stay open-minded or risk falling behind.

17) Be ready for any and all opportunities. Be prepared to step up. 

18) Don't burn bridges. You never know when you'll need someone's help or what opportunity could be possible from an old friend, co-worker, or employer. If you need to remove certain people from your life, make sure you do it as politely and intelligently as possible. It's a small world so treat everyone with respect.

19) A positive attitude makes all the difference.

20) Seek balance in your business and personal life. You can work hard and put in long hours, but always give yourself at least a little time off.

21) Keep yourself healthy! Health is wealth. 

22) Expect the worst and hope for the best. While you don't want to dwell on the "worst-case scenario", you should have a Plan B (and Plan C) ready at all times.

23) Never get complacent. Don't rest on your laurels. The competition is always out there hungry and ready to move.

24) Know your worth, believe in yourself, have big dreams... but keep your ego in check. 

25) Learn all aspects of the industry and related industries you work in. Work in various positions and get to know people in all facets of the operation. Live the business.

26) Quality over quantity! Or if you have to... at least 80% quality to 20% quantity :)

27) Stay professional. Again, around 80% business and 20% personal touch is a safe bet. That ratio is a widely-accepted recommendation for social media and content marketing. I believe it is a good benchmark for how to behave in most areas of business. You want to be viewed as an expert in your field but not a robot that can't connect with others on another level.

28) Give someone else a chance in business. Let a motivated and loyal person . Remember that somebody else gave you your first opportunity or start. Pass it along.

29) There are lessons to be learned from all jobs, relationships, educational experiences, and even failures. Very few things are a "complete waste of time" if you learn a valuable lesson from the experience.

30) Create your own opportunities. Chances are they won't always be served to you on a silver platter "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

I hope some of the lessons I've learned will help you maximize your opportunities and minimize your obstacles!

Mike Schiemer Michael J Schiemer Social Media Marketing Millennial Business

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Mike Schiemer Michael J Schiemer Social Media Marketing Millennial Business

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