AI Benefits Both Enterprise Companies And SMBs

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AI is more than just a futuristic machine that talks back, or something that allows business to automate service. AI can act as another person or persons in a small business office, completing tasks that are mundane, but nevertheless take up the time of office workers and business people all over the world. Keep reading below for some of the ways that AI and machine learning can be used to simplify the tasks of running a small business. 

AI And The Competition 

One of the best ways that AI can help small businesses is through helping the business get a leg up on the competition. This is sometimes difficult for small businesses to do, because so much time is spent on the day to day operations of the business, there is little time to sift through competitor trends and sales figures, especially if the competition is larger. However, small business owners need to know their competition and keep track of the market trends. You can get ahead of the competition by utilizing product matching software. This software will compare your products with your competitors' based on similarities, ultimately creating positive ROI for your business. 

AI allows small businesses to track their competitors through several applications across different channels, including social media, web applications, websites and press releases. AI can track even the smallest changes in pricing and the company message through apps. Also, AI allows businesses to track gaps in their competitors' products and services, as well as their strengths and weaknesses in the market, which allows the business to capitalize on their problems, and adjust business strategy. AI used in competitor research virtually eliminates the possibility that a competitor will surprise the business owner with a new product or service, or changes to the business as a whole. 

AI & Customer Support 

AI helps small business owners with customer support. For example, voice AI for small businesses work to keep businesses steps ahead of the competitors. Small businesses with phone systems using AI voice allow customers to receive optimized service for their specific needs. Customers can have questions answered and in some cases, problems solved without talking to a human employee. While this sounds automatic and machine-like, in reality, many customers who talk with chatbots, whether via telephone or online, feel their concerns have been addressed and their questions have been answered. The use of AI for customer support allows employees to focus their efforts on helping customers with more complex problems or questions. 

Customer support means more than talking on the phone. Customers want to feel that their business is appreciated and supported. AI allows small business owners to keep in contact with their clientele, especially their frequent customers, the VIPs that usually account for 70% of repeat business. These customers deserve attention, and AI can deliver that through email contacts and even media postings that target these customers for coupons and specials, as well as keeping track of their likes, dislikes and previous purchases. 


Marketing for small business in increasingly done using AI. Small businesses that use AI can use tools and technology to find and target customers through audience identification of customers who are searching for a particular product or service. AI that is used to identify audiences means that small businesses will be able target individuals who may be interested in their company’s products or services. 

AI works to identify people who have searched for products and services related to your business on search engines. AI also works to compose lists and details of patterns and populations who might have any possibility for interest in small businesses through searching billions of search histories and websites. Because of the sheer amount of time needed to sort through volumes of information, AI is invaluable for streamlining the information processing of small businesses when it comes to customer contacts. 

AI can also help businesses introduce new products or services to their existing clients, as well as offering the products to possible new clients. AI can do searches and find targets for the new product. With new products, and AI intervention, businesses might be able to interest new clients in their new product or service, and AI can help the business improve its marketing via offers and ads that could interest their potential new client in other products the business has. 

Client bases for businesses are shifting from a local focus to neighborhood business and service, to a national and even a global focus. If the business fills an unfulfilled need, their business could carry them all over the world. For example, Samsung, long popular in South Korea, has exploded in popularity worldwide because they are able to offer exceptional electronics at reasonable prices and work on constant marketing in Asia through offers and specials, as well as offers in the United States and Europe. 

Small businesses often operate on a shoestring budget, especially at the beginning of their lives, when money is tight, and every dollar must be stretched to the limit in order to keep the business going. Many thriving businesses started out on a shoestring, but either used available technology, or created new technology in order to take advantage of new markets or new fields of goods and services. 

AI Advantages

Think about Apple, for example. Apple was founded by two men (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak) in the basement and garage of one man’s childhood home, and began with the idea that computers should be made accessible to everyone. They began with a homemade computer, and they took advantage of a need in the market that people and businesses had to speed word processing and business up. These two geniuses didn't need a fancy expensive office to get their work done in

Gradually, the two men built a company based on the knowledge of market factors and customer needs -- to the tune of $300 billion in sales next year. Apple has managed to use AI to continue to build its client base and increase its market share. Since Apple started with nothing but a garage, it stands to reason that any small business can grow through the use of technology.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how artificial intelligence technology can be useful for corporations and small businesses.

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