Make Your Corporate Office Space Enticing In 3 Easy Steps

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When employees are asked about what makes their stay in the company great, their most common responses will be things about the pay that they get or how great or fun their colleagues are. It’s rare for them to mention that they like how their office space is laid out. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that laying out a workspace properly is not important. It’s just that it’s an aspect that most people do not pay much attention to until something goes wrong with it. 

Take the case of Adobe, as an example. As the company grew because of the various acquisitions that it undertook, one of its main offices saw fewer and fewer people reporting for work there. No, they did not resign or anything. Those employees just elected to work from home or elsewhere. 

The employees’ rejection of their corporate office space is judged to be most likely due to how the space is laid out. The management asked for help in making their work area more enticing. The space design firm that they tapped conducted a company-wide survey, and the insights that they got from that survey results are what we are going to discuss here. 

Accessible Informal Meeting Places Are Must-Haves

An average person spends more or less nine hours of each day at work. With that, it is very safe to say that we are around co-workers most of our waking hours. Because we are not robots that don’t feel, it is but natural for us to form bonds with at least some of our colleagues. An informal meeting place stands to foster and reinforce those bonds. 

Management people like you must understand that offices don’t have to be just about work, work, and work all the time. Companies are composed of human beings, and it’s truly important for them to be allowed to function like one. 

The Space Must Encourage Collaboration And Conversation 

The main purpose of bringing people together in one place is to make it easier for them to communicate and effectively collaborate with each other. Hence, designs that make it difficult for people to talk with or even look at each other will make your space uninviting. Design your space in such a way that people see each other. Don’t encourage too much physical separation. 

If you must divide, then perhaps just use glass so the others can still see what one team is doing. Solid walls can sometimes make people think that something’s going on under the wraps. 

Make Sure That Each Team Has Its Own Niche 

Just because employees value collaboration doesn’t really mean that they are OK sharing all their space with everyone in the company. They also need to have a spot to go home to once the collaboration is done, and such a spot must give them some sort of distinctiveness. 

We are all one team, why is there a need for them to be distinct? Distinctions make it a lot easier for your people to clearly see what they contribute, which is unique and important to the success of the company. Being distinct also conveys that idea that the value that each team brings can stand on its own.

It's not easy to create an attractive and productive workplace. Keep these three suggestions in mind to make sure that your employees enjoy coming to work and remain efficient. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to make your corporate office space more enticing and productive for employees.

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