The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Education

future of ai tech in education

It's an exciting time to alive! Human machines are no longer the future but the present. With close to 3.2 billion people online today, use of ground-breaking technology is changing the world of education at a very high rate. Nowadays, you’ll find even very young children using tablets to read and take notes. Young kids are using their phones in school daily. In advanced learning institutions, they are even using these devices to do coding. Such innovations have become an essential part of the classroom environment and learning experience.

We’ve already seen the large impact and rise of new technology in education through different learning platforms. Suitable examples include the Coursera and Khan Academy that allow students to strengthen their knowledge and skills. Now Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly getting recognized. Reports even show that it will positively change the field of education in the coming years. 

Some of these benefits include: 

Personalized Education With Artificial Intelligence 

One of the many benefits of AI in education is its potential to help learning institutions personalize learning for their learners. Today, companies are holding discussions as they try to deliberate on how Artificial Intelligence can be used to Tutor students. 

Such interested brands include Thinkster Math, Carnegie Learning and Socratic. They have all come up with services designed to assist students with their homework and in tough subjects like Math. The one on one experience that they offer will help to identify the strengths of students and correct their weaknesses in a convenient and low-pressure environment. 

Teachers cannot adequately provide such a personalized learning experience for each student. Why? Well, it’s just not feasible! Luckily, with the advanced AI teaching programs, schools will easily offer their students direct learning sessions. 

However, the role of the teacher is also essential. He or she should step in and provide additional help after the AI completes the learning course. Here, it identifies the hard concepts and areas that the students didn’t understand. 

Artificial Intelligence In Grading Student’s Work 

Artificial intelligence can also help teachers by doing the more technical tasks. Nowadays, teachers go through a tough time trying to rank different assignments, papers, and tests. Research even shows that generally, they work for close to 53 hours on average every week

In this case, by helping teachers to do these time-consuming tasks, AI allows them to focus more on their students. This is perfect for learners as they spend more quality time with their teachers and eventually improve in their weak areas. It also gives teachers with a good chance to rest and re-energize themselves, something that’s rare nowadays. 

Changing Traditional Lessons Into Real-World Experiences 

There are different reality tools like Oculus Rift, HoloLens or Google Expedition that translate usual lessons into relevant skills of the real world. Imagine a room packed with students observing and learning from the wreck of the Titanic. They could also be watching dinosaurs or discovering the dense Amazon. It’s just one giant leap in our education system

Here, we are primarily moving away from merely learning a topic or subject. These artificial intelligence techniques are not gimmicks but instruments that allow students to experience, explore and involve themselves, feeling as if they are in the actual place or environment. 

AI Will Keep Teachers On Their Toes

Technology in education is not always right as it makes non-performing teachers lazy. So, while we continue celebrating the growth of Artificial Intelligence, we should also train and professionally develop our teachers. Remember that no machine can take the place of human teachers. Even so, it will help them from crumbling while under pressure. Reports go on to show that these smart machines will assist teachers in transitioning from just being tutors to facilitators and mentors! 

It Will Change How We Research & Interpret Information 

We hardly notice the role that Artificial Intelligence plays in affecting the information that we digest daily. Some of the simple intelligent systems already doing this include Google, Amazon, and Siri. They adapt to user reports according to location, make recommendations based on past purchases, and adapt to a student’s or teacher’s commands and needs. 

They play a huge role in how we handle different situations in our professional and personal lives. So, they could change how we use and find information is our learning institutions. Over the last couple of decades, these technologies have changed the way we interact and research topics. Therefore with newer and more integrated technology, students will have an easy time in searching for various facts. 

The Future Of AI

Thinking about Robots in class is quite exciting, and it gives us a glimpse into the future. From the above reasons, it’s clear that Artificial Intelligence will only keep on improving with time. As applications like Siri and Alexa continue to grow, the future is full of promise. 

However, they are not replacing the able hands of our teachers. Instead, they are only lending a helping hand to students to get the necessary learning resources. But there’s more to expect from this fantastic world of innovation. So, how else do you think AI will positively change the field of education? Share this article and your thoughts on social media!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how artificial intelligence will change our education system and overall society.

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