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The way consumers see the world today is shaped through the filter of the Internet and smartphones. The digital marketplace profoundly changed the marketing funnel, upending decades-old traditions and expectations. The journey your customer takes toward a purchase is about to take another leap as voice technology grows in popularity. Small businesses have a window of opportunity to research and adapt to the changes in voice technology now, before global brands dominate the space. 

Search changes but doesn’t replace traditional methods. Nearly 40% of Americans search by voice daily on platforms like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Home. Google reports that 1 out of every 5 searches on their platform is a voice query. Voice search is predicted to reach as much as 50% by 2020. 

Marketers should plan for a rise in voice search in addition to the traditional text search. Voice is additive; it won’t replace text search. But voice search is primarily used for general knowledge requests or specific information queries because it only produces a single, definitive result or piece of content. As a result, the inquiry is different than text. Voice search inquiries are specific questions like, “What year was the movie Toy Story made?” while a text entry might be “Toy Story”. 

Adjust Content To Complex Topics With Long-Tail Keywords 

As voice expands, the need for single keyword searches will diminish. After all, Alexa can answer “what year did Disney buy the Star Wars franchise?” without relying on your website content. 

SEO strategy for traditional online searches will remain robust but should adapt to include complex opinions, tutorials, analyses, and information that is hard to aggregate. Marketers need to concentrate on content that delivers a complex, in-depth analysis of topics and long-tail keywords to land in Google results. 

Add Innovative Voice-Friendly Marketing Tools To Succeed 

Successful marketers will innovate to deliver voice-friendly additions to their offerings. Activision’s Call of Duty WWII Alexa skill provides a personal video game coach to players. The game compiles elements of playstyle from the user’s cloud account and compares it to a massive database of advanced players, then Alexa offers voice recommendations in real-time as you play. 

Consider Hiring Outside Expertise 

The modern digital marketing model incorporates social media on every level. Marketers must optimize the way in which customers are escorted through the digital marketing funnel to accommodate the impact of voice technology. It’s not adapting the way your company approaches SEO; it’s innovating and introducing savvy marketing concepts that require specialization. 

Consider hiring a digital marketing agency for the expertise required to add voice technology to your toolbox. Businesses that reach out with an Alexa skill have an advantage over late responders. Develop interesting and engaging voice content that informs and converts while reviewing your written content strategy to ensure that it is complex and entertaining rather than stuffed with keywords. 

Prepare Your Business Now For The Impact Of Voice Technology 

It’s expensive and time-consuming for small business owners to alter strategies quickly enough to stay on the leading edge. The digital era changed the marketing funnel, and it continues to evolve. Digital marketing strategists need to prepare now for the impact that voice search will have on the toolset used to convert prospects, and consider the expertise needed as the field continues to adapt.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to get a jump on marketing for voice search engine optimization on Google.

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