The Rise Of Voice Search And What It Means For SEO

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With some of the leading tech titans investing in carving innovative voice search strategies, there’s no denying the popularity garnered by this brand new innovation. Digital assistants and voice search partners have become the need of the hour, and consumers are embracing these technologies quite readily. If you are still away from Amazon’s very own personal voice assistant Alexa, here are some interesting stats to surprise you. 

According to market reports and search trends, almost 40% of individuals adopt voice search at least once every day while looking for their desired services and products online. Quite naturally, the popularity of voice search and the entire buzz around it is quite evident. 

The Why’s and How’s of Voice Search 

The flexibility and inexplicable experience of giving voice commands to a smart virtual assistant has surely turned heads. That’s the prime reason behind consumers warming up to the idea of buying voice assistants. Rapid sale and ever-increasing popularity of the Amazon Alexa devices prove this statement effectively. With that brief prologue to the entire discussion, it’s high time to delve deep into the nuances of voice search

No matter what you are looking for online, it’s always easier and more convenient to speak than type the desired search objectives. However, people usually speak in a way that’s different from their writings. It goes without saying that sites optimized for typed search requests won’t score much when consumers start speaking. The integration of voice search into SEO and site optimization becomes crucial in this regard. Since potential leads love to utter their search requests, voice-optimized sites will accelerate a business effectively. 

Understanding The Technology 

In spite of its popularity and new-found fame, some of the users aren’t still aware of what voice search truly stands for. In simple words, it’s a technology that enables users to speak their requests with the help of smart voice assistants. The search query placed by them gets automatically typed thus saving users the hassles of typing it themselves. 

The need for voice-search enabled devices and the rapid popularity of Google’s voice assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri reconfirm this statement. Before adopting this unique approach and integrating it into existing business modules, it becomes imperative to analyze its functioning. Here’s a quick look for all enthusiastic readers. 

The Way It Works 

As a technology, voice-search dates back to 2013, when it was first introduced by some of the leading names in the tech arena. By catching a glimpse of records and stats, it is quite easy to understand that voice-search wasn’t a reliable and effective search method back then. Google’s accuracy rate for this particular technology was around 80% which isn’t enough for it to surface in the technology landscape. 

Speaking of the present scenario in search, it’s clear that voice search has come a long way with a whopping 92% accuracy rate. The technology won’t fizzle out anytime soon and its unmatched popularity is just a matter of time. In 2022 voice SEO is more popular than ever.

Leveraging Voice-Search: Building A Strong SEO Strategy 

Virtual voice assistants are the need of the hour. If business owners and entrepreneurs are unable to leverage it for their benefits, they might have to lose out on potential consumers. Creating robust strategies that revolve around voice search would be the right thing to do. With an impressive number of customers embracing the innovation, businesses would stand a possibility of gaining access to that customer pool. Here’s what entrepreneurs can do to build a strong, effective, and robust voice-enabled strategy: 

Keep SEO in mind 

Experts know search engine optimization will always be a prime requisite for businesses out there. If ones plans to optimize his or her site for the leading search engines, it will be imperative to follow certain tips: 

1. Utilizing Schema Markup:  Featured snippets play the crucial role in bringing voice search outcomes. By adding schema markup, site owners gain the chance to add structured information and data to their websites. Search engines will develop a better understanding of the contents posted on your site, which is indeed of paramount significance for creating a strong SEO strategy

2. Creating An FAQ Page:  Customers frame the questions regarding a service or product in a particular way and then speak it directly. If site owners can brainstorm and come up with such queries, adding them as headings would be beneficial for their targeted consumers. It’s natural that the site’s visibility and importance would increase to a great extent. 

3. Research For Keywords:  Keyword research has always been an integral part of building robust SEO strategies. Product developers and site owners can perform researches and find out the targeted keywords for their website. That’s not all; they will also get an idea of how these keywords look like in voice-search devices. Optimizing the site for long-tail keywords and phrases would be the right thing to do, and it’s here that creative brainstorming is required. 

4. Hiring An Efficient Team:  Incorporating voice-search strategies into SEO and content optimization goals isn’t an easy thing to do. One has to get in touch with SEO experts who have the necessary knowledge and desired information about this particular technology. 

5. Secure Your Website:  Ensuring that your website has a valid SSL certificate improves your search engine ranking as well as proving to visitors that it's reputable. 

Final Thoughts On Voice Search And SEO

Voice search and smart assistants are the revolutionary discoveries in the tech landscape. With consumers acknowledging its importance and market biggies embracing the technology, the future for voice search seems to be quite bright. With these tips in mind, search engine optimization experts and business owners will surely get the opportunity to create strong, effective, and useful SEO strategies.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the importance of voice search and how it will affect your company's SEO strategy.

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