5 Timeless Marketing Tactics That Still Work

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The internet really changed the way that marketing was done; suddenly all businesses, startup and established, had the same access to billions of people worldwide. All they had to do was learn the right online marketing tips to attract the attention of all their potential customers. It didn’t guarantee instant success, but it did make it easier for even the smallest businesses to have a shot at success. 

However, this shouldn’t mean that any marketing tactics used in the days before the internet are suddenly irrelevant. Sure, a Facebook post may garner interest. But so will your engaging and vibrant poster that you printed from your HP Photosmart Ink Cartridges in-house. 

Some have been updated to suit modern methods, while others remain mostly the same but still very effective for improving business reputation and building brand equity. Here are just a few examples of old school marketing strategies that are timelessly successful at generating sales leads, hype, and profits for your small business.

Business Cards 

For longer than anyone can really remember, business cards have been a useful tool for introducing yourself at industry events, and advertising your business in a simple, but effective way. Now that social media platforms can host an entire page explaining your products and services, and the fact that people can easily look it up on their phone once you give them the correct spelling, are business cards still necessary? Absolutely. 

As well as serving as a small piece of advertising for your startup, business cards provide a semblance of credibility. A business card can represent trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability that a company or business person would attach his name and number to a physical card. It also increases the chance that someone will remember you and your startup, even long after you’ve parted ways. Not to mention, business cards are easier than ever to obtain; you can print out 100 or so from any online printing press for a price that works for you. If you can summarize your business in a few words and an outstanding design, people are more likely to remember meeting you, and will think of you if they ever need your services.

Direct Mail 

Sending things in the mail might seem long outdated now that email is a more convenient way to send adverts and business promotions to potential customers. But the truth is, a small postcard-sized advert in the mail is more likely to be seen than an email that goes directly to the spam folder and is automatically deleted after a few days. While it’s true that sending emails is less expensive than spending money on a printer, printer cartridge distributor, paper, and all other printing costs, it does mean that your efforts are less likely to bear fruit. It’s better to spend a little money and gain a handful of new customers than to spend no money and gain no sales leads. 

To make sure your advertising postcards don’t go straight into the recycling bin, you need to make it feel less like junk mail. Once you’ve perfected the design so it looks attractive and eye-catching, you need to use a reputable company to purchase a demographically and geographically targeted list of people who might need your services. The next step is offering something that your target wants; a coupon, an incentive to buy, or a strong call to action will make them pick up the phone (or, send you an email). Even if it doesn’t go to the recycling bin, chances are it will live in someone’s drawer for months in case they need your services one day. 

Promotional Gifts 

People love getting free stuff. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, but it should be something that advertises your company, and that your potential customer would find useful. Pens and notepads are always a popular choice, but if you want to make an impact you need to think a little outside the box with your promotional gifts. 

Sometime it’s best to use something that ties in with your company. Say you’re in the fitness industry, and you want people to sign up for personal training sessions with you. Your promotional gifts could be a reusable water bottle and armband combination so people can take their phones on a run, or a pull-string bag to take to the gym. If you sell office supplies, then you could give away a coffee tumbler for the busy entrepreneur. 

If you company specializes in tech solutions then give away some branded memory sticks. The more useful your gifts, the more likely you are to make an impression at industry events, or wherever else you give them away.


These aren’t the same as promotional gifts, because coupons offer customers a discount from your products and services. Back in the day, you might have paid to have your coupons printed in local coupon books, or in the lifestyle section of the weekend paper. Now you can make an arrangement with Groupon, Wowcher, or Living Social to complement your local direct mail offers, or you could even self-promote discounts on Facebook, or other social media platforms. You can drive up more interest with limited time offers. 


Before the internet, or any other electronic device, was even a plausible way to advertise their business, people would rely on word of mouth to get their startup off the ground. Even now, people will trust recommendations from friends and family over a catchy, yet impersonal, marketing scheme. It would greatly benefit your business to have customer testimonials on your website, social media platform, or even on your mailing list. Honest words from others will help make your products or services more tangible to customers who are visiting you online, and help your potential customers to build trust in you, especially if you are new. More importantly, they help shoppers to confirm whether your product or services meet their needs. 

You can encourage people to leave a review or testimonial by offering them a discount or reward if they recommend a friend, or by simply asking them. If you’ve done your job well, then the customer might be willing to rave about your services for free anyway.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about timeless marketing tactics that are still effective to this day. 

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