How To Find High-Quality Backlinks For Your SEO Link Building

how to find high-quality backlinks for website seo link-building

SEO link building is a really important part of search engine optimization or SEO, as the success of your SEO depends a lot on proper link building work. Through link building, one-way backlinks are built to a website for improving the search engine visibility of any particular website. There are various strategies for link building such as building useful tools, content marketing, broken link building, email outreach, and public relations. Backlinks are also known as hyperlinks coming from one website and going to your website. 

Leveraging Linkbuilding 

Link building is highly vital for SEO, as it helps drive traffic to websites via search engines. It is even more essential for competitive industries. Link building can be highly effective in driving organic traffic if you combine it with great on-page SEO, strong and technical foundations of SEO, good user experience, and amazing content. These days SEO link building is more related to great marketing. Businesses that understand the importance of link building, do way better than others in the long run. 

Building Backlinks SEO Strategy

Also, in the present time, it is really crucial to have high-quality, authentic, and relevant backlinks for optimizing your website. Spammy and low-quality links can work for the short term, but they are never a good strategy for the marketing of a reputed business. Businesses that are looking to have organic search success for the long term need high-quality links for the SEO link building of their websites. 

So, in order to have a proper link-building strategy for your business, you need to know what makes a link good. Then you’ll be able to find high-quality links for your SEO link-building strategy. Here’s how you can find high-quality links for the backlinking or hyperlinking process of your website: 

Authority Of A Page 

If you earn a link from a page that is a PageRank powerhouse, then that backlink will have a huge impact on the rankings of your website. In fact, the authority of a page linking to your website matters way more than all the other factors of making a link high-quality. Links from authoritative pages will drive more authority, or PageRank to your website. You can check PageRank’s proxy indicator by using various toolsets for backlinks and SEO analysis. 

Authority Of A Site 

You can also determine the quality of a link by the sitewide authority of a domain. Usually, it is no brainer that a site like will have a way more and bigger impact than any link from no-name bloggers. Even though these authoritative links are difficult to get, it is well worth your effort. You can enter any URL from a site into the tools for backlinks and SEO analysis like Ahrefs, and check out the “DomainRating” of the site easily. The “Domain Authority” metric of Moz can be used too. 

A Site’s Relevancy 

Apart from the authority of a site, the relevance of the site also matters when it comes to link building. Even if you manage to get the link from an authoritative site, it won’t really work well for your website if that site is not relevant to yours. For instance, if your website is about “paleo diets” and you manage to get a link from a highly authoritative website about unicycles, it won’t be of much help for you. Relevance matters the most these days when it comes to PageRank. So, make sure to get links from authoritative sites that are closely related to, or have high relevance to your site. 

Link’s Position On The Page 

The position of your link is highly important regarding link building. It should be a matter of concern if your link is embedded properly in content, or if the link is buried in the footer of a page. If the link is stashed away in sidebars and footers doesn’t have nearly as much weight as links that are found in the middle of the body content of the page. So, it is imperative that your link appears within the main body of the page you are building links with. 

Editorially Placed Link 

No matter where on the page your link appears, you must ask one question about it. If the link was placed editorially or not? If someone links to you because they find your website to be impressive, it’s called an editorial link. On the other hand, if you create profiles on random sites and drop links in them, they are not editorial links. In terms of link building, Google puts a lot of weight on links that are editorially placed. In fact, unnatural or non-editorial links can be considered a violation of the guidelines of Google. 

Link Anchor Text 

The clickable text section of links is known as anchor text. Anchor texts are used as ranking signals by Google. Keyword-rich anchor texts get abused every now and then in SEO. If a lot of anchor text links that are exact-match are built, they are considered spammy. It’s best if, in the anchor text, you get a link with your preferred keyword. But building links with anchor texts that are rich in keywords is not highly recommended these days. 

Link Co-Occurrences 

Co-occurrences are also known as “baby anchor texts”, as they are the words or phrases that appear around the link. The texts around the link or co-occurrences provide clues to what the link or your page is really about. So, Google uses them to determine the worth of the backlinks and the appropriate amount of SEO juice. 

Final Words On Building Backlinks

SEO link building is of great importance when you are trying to rank your site higher in the search engines. Getting a higher rank in search engines is vital for getting traffic, leads, and conversions. Without organic traffic, a site can’t do much well. Overall, link building is highly important for your business to grow and do well. So, make sure to take proper strategies for your link building, and find high-quality links that will be helpful for your site.

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