How Bootstrapped Startup ‘Kraftivo’ Grown from 0 to 500+ Clients per Month?

Bootstrapping is where the business person inside you start a company with your own finances, or with the help of friends and family. If you have any exclusive idea to start your own bootstrap startup, start investing all your personal savings and develop a firm that can let you catch success. Startups of different niches are burgeoning everywhere all over the world. We can easily find thousands of bootstrap startup firms around us. These companies created by various entrepreneurs provides a great amount of income and a set of employment opportunities. Proper ways of bootstrapping can help to raise your company value and it increases the chances of partnership with big enterprises in the business field. But the number of risks to face will be really huge. There are chances that you could end up failing off with serious debt issues. 

Once, the interior design industry was not that popular, only a limited number of people preferred designing the interiors of their house. But today, we can see that the interior design industry has flourished and people are ready to spend a large amount of money in this accordance. They are in search of various professional designers, who could help them in creating a unique and wonderful living space. In today’s world, the importance of creating a bootstrap platform that assists people in finding quality interior designers is huge. Designing your dearest space should be fun and exciting, but most of the times it becomes a hard process that wants to be over with. Arguing with your designer, carpenter, trying to convey your idea to your designer, and other such things can be distressing. In this era that possesses a number of startups around, we should start relying on them and must decide to solve all these problems. 

In the interior design industry, currently the unsung hero is Kraftivo. It has taken up the initiative to build a web-based platform that assists people who are in need of quality interior designers. You can find plenty of skilled and professional architects, interior designers and home decorators in this website. The registered professionals are skilled in designing both residential and commercial properties. Kraftivo is now enjoying the sweetness of it’s fast recognition and success in the online arena. 

Kraftivo, founded by Sudheep VV and Chisna V, came forward as a online platform under its parent company named, 'Chedhasvi E-Services Private Limited’, The company headquartered in Sarjapur is operational since February 2017. The founders are professional doctor couple, who has years long experience in the business and management field. Their hard work is backed by the expertise of the current CTO Hafis Ismail, an Engineering graduate with more than seven years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing. Kraftivo currently possess a wonderful team of 15 members. 

The Bangalore-based startup, Kraftivo, has made the quest for service professionals like interior designers and architects, a lot easier for the residents of the Bangalore city. The platform is helpful for the designers as well, they could create their individual online portfolio that will help in taking their works to the people. The guaranteed fact about Kraftivo website is that the listings are done really carefully. The professionals are verified and confirmed before they are listed on the portal. You can filter while choosing the professionals, on the basis of area, price, and specifications. As a homeowner, you can choose anybody from the options that come after you have filtered the results. 

These budding business people hope on expanding their start-up plans to the cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune as well. This web portal aims to lessen the struggle of every homeowner in finding the right interior designer, and it also provides an opportunity to the experts to get hold of a suitable job. The web portal that offers home service professionals like, interior designers, and architects currently, is aiming to add more service professionals. 

Kraftivo provides a finely crafted interface, and user-friendly experience. It has a clean, improved and uncluttered design, with high functionality and enhanced rich content focused on the mission of the company. If you are looking for a service provider to refurbish your home interior, Kraftivo is the ultimate destination for all the service needs. It provides a technology platform that turns the hiring of a service professional, as easy as buying a product from a marketplace. The founders of Kraftivo hopes that the website and app will totally transform the way people think, design and shop for their homes. 

The bootstrap startup has achieved 500+ clients, with its wonderful performance. It has tasted success with the help of their unique strategies. Let us have a look at the ideas that Kraftivo team functionalized throughout their journey. 

● Content Marketing 
● Team work 
● Customer Service 
● Personalized Support 
● Product Updates 
● Marketing 
● Feedback 

All these methods have paved way to the present position of Kraftivo in the society. The bootstrapped company is well-known, and has come a long way in few months itself. The swift prosperity attained by Kraftivo and its admirable crew is commentable.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how a bootstrapped startup can grow into a successful profitable company.

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