6 Most Profitable Small Businesses You Can Start Today

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Making the decision to start your own business is often a little unnerving. So many uncertainties are involved that it can be a challenge to get the courage to jump in. Most of them cost a lot of money and involve a great deal of risk. 

But a few businesses that are so profitable that you are almost guaranteed to be able to make them work. These businesses can also be started today via bootstrapping. It will just require some savvy business sense, a little motivation, and a lot of hard work with these 6 top ideas. 


If you have a way with numbers, you might consider starting your own bookkeeping business. This type of business can be fairly versatile. You can prepare taxes, prepare financial records, or even offer CFO advisory services. You don’t need a degree to become a bookkeeper or even to start your own company. But you can take many online training programs to prepare you if you’d rather not spend four years in a university. A lot of bookkeepers even choose to work for other tax preparation or accounting firms before venturing out on their own. 

Web Design 

With almost 2 billion live websites on the net at any given time, you can imagine how lucrative a new career in web design could be. To be a web designer, you would use various types of computer code to design web pages. But the job goes beyond making web pages aesthetically appealing. It also entails making them functional and user-friendly. Many web designers teach themselves the skills, but you can get several degrees that will help you in the field. 

Janitorial Services 

A cleaning service is a great business to start if you have no capital. It’s also ideal for someone starting their own company on the side because you can do it whenever you want. Many people in this industry start out cleaning just one or two houses and then grow from there, possibly adding more staff to their company. And as a $78 billion industry, you’d be mistaken to think there isn’t much money in it. 

Real Estate 

Several areas of real estate can be profitable. You can get licensed as a broker or salesperson to list and sell properties. Or you can buy properties to flip for profit or rent out. All of these can be profitable, but the path you choose may depend on your skill level or working capital. Many property owners start by leasing out a property they’ve inherited or one they’ve moved from. And smart landlords require all potential tenants to fill out an online renters application to keep from getting burned. 


If you are known as the family chef or have a love for all things food-related, a catering business could be ideal for you. Catering can involve serving food at parties and crowds as large or small as you’d like. It’s also a pretty low-overhead business because you can charge customers a deposit to cover your supplies up-front. A food truck could also be a part of your business model as a caterer, parking it at local events or finding a more permanent location. 

Online Selling 

You’ll find plenty of places to sell your stuff online and make big bucks. In fact, some people make well over six figures doing just that. You can buy discounted merchandise at secondhand stores, auctions, or wholesale suppliers and flip it for profit on an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay. Many courses and websites offer lessons from people who make a great living flipping products. Most people start out with unused items they have lying around the house and then use that profit to buy more to sell. The sky really is the limit with this type of profitable small business.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about some of the most profitable small businesses you can start today while bootstrapping.

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