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Every Student Wants To Write An A+ Paper 

As a student, regardless of the subject or field of study, you will have to write an essay. And, honed writing skills are crucial for success in almost any career or profession. 

In a society where communication is quick and constant, these skills may seem insignificant. Nonetheless, many educators and professors value them. Communication is no longer based on ‘pen to paper’. But, consider reports, emails, messages, projects, and presentations. Written expression is not limited to academic assignments; it is part of everyday life. 

It is doubtful that each student strives to be a writer, and some are less skilled compared to others. But, if ignored, employees can label students as unskilled or unprofessional in their future ventures. 

Assess the following list of essay writing tools from reputable resources and sites. Each one can be a useful assistant and can help any student write an A+ paper. 

6 Online Tools To Help You Write The Perfect Essay 

Once you have planned out your essay, and you have gathered some useful journal articles and books, it is time to write. These 6 top essay tools will help you get your first draft down. 

1. Freedom 

This app that also functions as a website blocker allows you to block specific websites. Freedom is beneficial for when you want to concentrate on your studies but keep getting distracted. If you need to use the internet for other tools, that is not a problem. Freedom allows you to block 2 specific sites (such as Twitter or YouTube), or apps on your phone. It also allows you to block the entire internet if you wish to. 

When you run a Freedom session, you will be unable o visit a blocked site. Freedom costs $29 per year or $6.99 per month. Trial versions are available, so, you can give it a try before you decide to buy the app. 

2. AskPetersen 

This website and blog coversall aspects of the essay writing process. If you are struggling with topic selection, research, structure, or punctuation, AskPetersen is a good site to search for helpful advice and tips from skilled professionals. Here, you will find reviews, samples, guides, and other valuable information. 

3. Google Timer 

Staying focused on your writing can be tough – even with certain distracting websites blocked. For most individuals, sitting down and planning to write an essay for an entire morning or afternoon is daunting. 

If you struggle with time management, you can use Google Timer when you are writing to keep you focused and divide your session into short chunks. To set a timer on Google, search for “set a timer for X minutes,” e.g., “set a timer for 30 minutes.” The timer will appear on your screen, and the countdown will begin. 

4. EndNote Basic 

EndNote is among the best essay writing help online free. You can search library catalogues or online databases (the free version only provides access to the Library of Congress, the British Library, PubMed, and the National Library of Medicine). Or, you can manually create a reference by filling in a form. EndNote also allows you to share your references. 

5. CustomEssayOrder 

CustomEssayOrder is one of the best essay writing services for students who struggle with essay writing. Due to the sheer number of positive reviews submitted by satisfied students, CustomEssayOrder should be on your radar whenever you need help from custom essay writers

Custom Essay Order seeks to save the grades of students who struggle with essay writing. Having unparalleled style and quality of writing, this service will help you fetch that much-desired grade. Custom Essay Order offers notable features such as on-time deliveries, jaw-dropping prices, 4,500+ PhD-qualified writers, free rework services, and 24/7 online support. 

6. The Easy Essay 

The Easy Essay is an automated online tool that helps students organize the entire essay writing process from start to finish. This helps increase students’ productivity. The Easy Essay works in any language and covers the basic 5 paragraph essay up to the more advanced and complex 17 paragraph structures. 

Remember Practice Makes Perfect, And Writing Skills Will Take Time To Perfect 

You cannot become a skilled writer overnight. It takes time and practice to perfect your skills. However, better results will begin to surface if you follow and use the tools listed above to your advantage. So, employ the above tools in your essay writing tasks and see your writing skills improve in no time. 

No matter where the challenge is, technology is providing a significant amount of support in essay writing. First, you must be able to identify your own weaknesses, and then identify where you need assistance. Once you understand what area in your essay writing needs the most work, any of the above mentioned tools can be a valuable and convenient source of guidance.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top tools that make it easier to write well-written essays for work or university.

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