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Let’s face it, every business, whether a small home-based retail shop or an e-commerce giant strives to increase sales and ultimately its profitability. However, with the ever-growing competition in today's market, it means businesses must get creative and engaging if they’re to stand out and drive substantial sales. While this can be challenging to achieve, it's not impossible. 

The solution is always to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to employing new tactics for attracting customers; ditch those same old strategies that everyone is using and watch as your sales explode. 

In this post, we describe seven simple but creative selling approaches that will not only increase your profits but also enable you grow a loyal customer base. 

Focus On Building Customer Relationships 

How you relate with your customers can either build or break your business performance. For starters, you don't have be marketing your goods and services every time you interact with your customers; be creative! 

Send them a thoughtful ‘thank you’ or birthday email, anniversary greetings, and if possible, attend some of their functions. This way, you’ll win the loyalty of your customers who are then likely to bring you referrals and even promote your business for free. 

Public Relations Matter 

Public relations may not be identical to marketing, but their results are similar – creating awareness to your customers. When you have an upcoming event, product launch, charitable contribution, or any other newsworthy announcement, be sure to inform the available local news media. These could range from TV stations to magazines, bloggers, and even press release websites. You might not always earn total coverage, but any information that goes out is enough to significantly boost your sales. 

Train And Appreciate Your Employees 

If you’re like most business owners, you probably spend a lot of time giving your employees work assignments and instructions. But have you considered devoting some time to educate them on the best-selling strategies on the market? Do you also occasionally appreciate their efforts

Your employees will market and sell for you more heartily when they feel appreciated, and of course less, stressed. If possible, reward them every time they attain specific sales targets. Besides, educate them constantly on various aspects such as how to handle your customers better. 

Become A Reliable Resource 

Never miss an opportunity to greet and engage your clients in open-ended questions and conversations. For example, be sure to ask them who they’re shopping for or what their budget is. Also, try to guide them when they’re unsure of the best product available for their specific needs. In short, be a valuable resource every time you interact with them and build their trust. Remember, more trust equals more sales. 

Show Off Trust Signals And Customer Testimonials 

In today's social media environment, feedback provided by your satisfied customers can serve as one of the most valuable selling weapons for your online business. Indeed, positive reviews and testimonials are often considered to be more powerful than even the best written sales copies. 

Don’t shy away from including client reviews and testimonials on your homepage, landing pages, pricing pages, and the product pages. 

Promise A Bulletproof Money Guarantee 

Risk aversion is among the most powerful factors that stops a majority of customers from purchasing products or services they need. Luckily, you can easily overcome this by providing a bulletproof money guarantee for your business offerings. 

Offer to give a refund or free replacements in case a product doesn’t work as expected or fails to fit properly. The more you remove risk from your prospects decisions, the more they are likely to buy from you. 

Embrace Technology 

In an era where digital economy is causing massive transformations everywhere including businesses, it’s only right to embrace this change. Leverage the power of systems and apps to gather key customer data, increase productivity, and ultimately boost sales. 

One of the surest ways to beat your competition is to keep current when it comes to technology. Use the latest tools to improve communication with your customers and employees, store crucial data, and forecast. While at it, use the best integration and syncing software like PieSync to connect your apps and tools for easier data management. 


Increasing business sales doesn’t have to be a complex process. In fact, all you need is to ditch the conventional script sometimes and get creative in your selling strategies. The seven tactics described above offer a good starting point for anyone looking to boost their sales and achieve more business growth.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about why you need to throw away the sales script and start your selling kick to close more deals.

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