10 Reasons Your Direct Selling Business Isn't Growing

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Direct Selling is a powerful business when done right, but more than 95% fail. Find out, 10 Reasons your Direct Selling Biz isn’t Growing. Many people fail at MLM and Direct Selling because of these 10 common, but lethal mistakes. Are you safe, or does your direct sales mindset need an overhaul? 

10 Reasons Your Direct Sales Business Isn't Successful

1. You Don’t Use The Product 

Many people buy things and even forget that they ordered them. The point of network marketing and direct selling is promoting products or services that you use and love. No one wants to get involved with you if you don’t believe in your own products. So, the first requirement of becoming successful in Direct Selling and network marketing is to be like a spokesperson for that company and their products. Write down and memorize your testimonial of the product. A powerful testimonial can skyrocket your business as long as it is genuine. 

2 .You Are Still Not Sure What Direct Selling Or Network Marketing Is 

Network marketing and Direct Selling is simply a type of business model companies use to distribute their products or services. These companies save millions of dollars on advertising their products by passing the commission onto us, the distributors, to spread the word. This form of business model is also called “word-of-mouth advertising, because MLM companies believe that the strongest form of advertising is through the word-of-mouth from people closest to us. Therefore, as distributors, we must share the product by talking about it. 

3. You Don’t Promote It Enough Or At All 

You joined your company recently and you are waiting for the right time to promote it, or you don’t know that you were given your own personal websites and capture pages to promote the business online or offline. Many new distributors also don’t understand that this is their personal business, that they are responsible for building it as a business. If no promotion takes place, no orders are made and therefore no income. If you want sign-ups, you have to get leads, if you want leads you have to share your links.

4. You Ignore Your Sponsor 

The sponsor is the person in your upline who you signed up under. He or she may be trying to get a hold of you to see if you need any help and to understand if you’re going to be a distributor or a customer of the product. A customer doesn’t promote the business, but simply uses the product. Your sponsor might have some good techniques or training to share with you. If you ignore them, you are left doing this alone, which isn’t easy to do. 

5. You Are Scared Of What People Will Think 

If you are scared what people will think, understand that this is a business, not a personal attack on you if someone declines. Like a car salesman or a waitress serving coffee all day, they don’t crumble at the sound of hearing “No” from a prospect. They merely continue asking people if they need a new car or coffee. This is the same type of business where you are looking through lots of people until you find the ones who are interested. 

Direct Selling, network marketing, and affiliate marketing is not meant for everybody. But there are thousands of people looking for exactly what you have. Disassociate yourself from hearing “No” and keep asking people until you find that “Yes.” It is not personal, it is simply business. You must be fearless in direct selling to dominate.

6. You Don’t Attend Company Calls Or Training Events 

Most MLM companies have at least a weekly conference call that you can get onto and listen to any company developments, news, and tips on how to run your business. Missing these trainings will keep you in the dark about the company, how to prospect, and news of any other distributors moving up the leaderboard. There is a motto in the business that says “People who plug in, stay in.” “Plug in” in this case means plugging into training. It is essential according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA). 

7. “Lottery Ticket Mentality” Or Misled By A Marketer 

There is a ton of spam online on how easy it is to make tons of money with little effort and no money. These are all scams because in order to receive commissions someone is paying money so you can get paid. Network marketing is not a lottery ticket. You can’t join and then sit back and think money is just going to flow in. This is a real business which takes consistent effort to learn the proper techniques, so that you can build a team. Building a team takes duplication and patience. We are talking about a couple years of effort, not a couple months, but it is definitely better than most jobs out there. A JOB stands for "just over broke" for many aspiring direct sales professionals.

8. You Stopped Recruiting 

Direct Selling is about duplication. It means to always be recruiting new people into your business. A lot of new distributors think they can get two people in their business and then sit back and wait for them to bring in tons of people. This doesn’t work. MLM is all about duplication. Your downline will copy what you do and if you only bring in two people and do nothing else, then that is what they are going to do. You must always be recruiting. Two people are not going to make you a millionaire. You have to bring in lots of people to find 2 to 3 leaders who recruit and teach their team to recruit. 

9. You Don’t Believe In The Company 

Somewhere in the back of your mind you have suspicions about your company, or you simply don’t believe in their vision. This is detrimental and I think the only way to recover from this is by attending a large annual company event and listen to all the other distributors who have had success with your company. If you simply don’t like the product or the company, then I would look for a new company, but remember all businesses go through growing pains and if it is something minor like this, wait it out. 

10. You Don’t Believe In Direct Selling As A Whole 

Somewhere in the back of your mind you still think that Direct Selling, MLM and network marketing are scams. The only thing you can do in this situation is get more clarification. There are great MLM trainers on YouTube that will make you understand what the differences are between Pyramid schemes, Ponzi scheme operations, and legitimate network marketing opportunities. Knowledge is key to avoid pyramids and ponzis. It might take a while for the concept of Direct Selling to sink in, but once it does you will be excited to be a part of it! 

Dominate Direct Selling 

Direct sales is not an easy industry to make an impact in. Keep these tips and warnings in mind to ensure your direct selling biz has the highest chance of success. Now it is time to dominate direct selling!

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