Unique Ways to Get Your Product Into More Hands

As a business owner, one of the most important things that should be on your mind is how to get your product into more hands. Forget money for a moment and try to envision the advantages of having your product be a household name or have it plastered all over social media channels. Imagine how much exposure that would offer and, in turn, how much recognition your brand will receive.

Typical Ways to Get Your Product Into More Hands 

First, let’s take a moment to analyse the many methods that business owners use to try and get their product into more hands: 

Lower The Cost Of Their Product

This is a valid option, but this sadly results in lower profits for every item that you manufacture. Many customers will try and call your product too expensive, but a lack of knowledge into the manufacturing process usually means their claims are false. This can lead to problems with budgeting especially if you’re selling your product for an already low price or you’re making very little profit in general. 

Lower The Cost Of A Product But Increase Other Sales

This is a great idea if you’re a retailer that sells many different products, or if you’ve created a product that comes with many different accessories. 

Offer Free Trials And Samples 

This can be a great option if you have something that can be condensed into a free trial. For instance, if you have a piece of software that you can strip features from and offer it to customers for no price, then they’ll have a good sample of what your product offers and how it can be integrated into their life or workflow. 

Give Out Review Products 

You shouldn’t just hand free products to anyone, but if a prominent blogger or YouTube content creator approaches you, then in most cases you should oblige. While it’s only a single product you offer to someone, the exposure you get could be immense and it could trigger a viral outbreak of attention for your brand. This is one of the most effective digital marketing trends that you can take advantage of as a frugal business. 

Those are just a couple of typical ways that you can get your product into more hands. The important thing to note here is that they’re all going to cost you money in one way or another. Lowering the cost of your product will reduce the profit you make per item you produce, and creating samples will take additional resources to produce, time that could be spent elsewhere and effort that could be used on improving your product or other marketing campaigns.

Price-Focused Methods of Getting Your Product Into More Hands 

We can’t forget about the main barrier to entry that affects most people’s choice to buy or skip your product: cost. 

Something that is affordable is always going to be a better option for people who have trouble paying. Reducing the price of your product is, as explained above, one possible option, but it’s not always the best. This is why many companies have turned to using credit to help them make more purchases. You’re going to need dedicated financial advisors to help you crunch numbers and determine the viability of it, but it’s usually worth the effort. You can often enlist the services of a credit control recruiter to help you find the correct team member. Due to the specialized nature of credit control, it’s a good idea to look for someone who is capable of fulfilling the role perfectly. 

Changing Business Models to Assist in Exposure 

Another unique option is to change your business model to support more exposure. A good example of this is when companies make their software cheaper, either by making it completely free with a separate paid version or offering a subscription service instead. 

Think of it this way; when video-on-demand services offer their entire library for a small payment per month, they’re giving you thousands of videos and movies for the price of a single one if you stick to a subscription. Instead of buying individual shows and movies, consumers will flock to the cheaper option which exposes an entire library of content for a small price. 

With software, a free version will give customers all the main features they need. If they want to support your development, they can pay for certain features, such as no advertisements, to make their experience more enjoyable. However, if they don’t like your software, then nothing was lost because they didn’t pay for the free version. This will help you get your software product into more hands than you previously could because there’s no monetary barrier of entry. 

A Quick Summary On Product Promotion

As you can see, there are many ways to get your product into more hands assuming you’re willing to use marketing strategies and invest a bit of capital into it. As a business, it’s important to try and get your product to as many people as possible, and these strategies will certainly help you achieve that goal of promoting products.

I hope you enjoyed this article about unique ways to get your product into the hands of more customers.

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