5 Business Delivery Options Made Simple

Running a business is tricky and no easy thing to do. There always seems to be plenty to be thinking about. Your branding, your social media strategies. Even how quick your website loads up and how you are seen in search engines. But, delivering the product once you have attracted the customer and gained some form or sale or contract is often an area that is overlooked. But there are certain things to consider and ways you can even save on your business expenses. I thought I would share with you what some of them are.

The Use Of Specific Packaging For Different Items 

Many businesses are quite specific with the products they sell, and sometimes that means specific packaging when providing delivery methods. For example, pharmaceutical packaging may be required for businesses who deliver medicines and liquids through delivery or postal methods. Other things to consider would be how fragile the item is? Does it require specific packaging to ensure it doesn’t get damaged when being delivered? All of these things can be afterthoughts to businesses but can end up costing if not considered. 

Global Shipping 

Do you offer global shipping methods? Will you post internationally? Offering this delivery method could help open up a larger customer base for your business. You can easily cost in international postage as an option when people check out online or over the phone. Again you will need to ensure that you have the right packaging to ensure the product arrives safely. 

The Use Of Dropship Arrangements 

Sometimes international postage may be too costly for the business and for the customer. This is when you may want to consider a dropship facility instead. This is a contact in another country, who will then sell the items from there. Allowing a more local delivery charge to customers, and only one shipment cost to you. However, you do need to find the right person to ensure that your brand stays true and they offer a service that you would provide yourself. 

Getting A Contract With A Local Courier Company 

If deliveries are going to be regular, then you may want to strike up a contract with a local delivery company. They may be able to offer subsidized rates on delivery which could then mean passing on the savings to your customer. It could then become a huge benefit of purchasing directly from you. This may also make delivery easier for you as a business. One contact to organize all of your deliveries in one transaction, again saving costs for you as a business. 

Offering Digital & Downloadable Delivery For Certain Items 

Finally, if your product could be downloadable, then maybe offering a digital delivery could be a quick and easy way to complete a transaction. This works well for prints and wall art. Something that can be downloaded by the customer and printed off. This means an almost immediate delivery to the customer, completing the transaction. 

Dedicated Deliveries

I hope this helps you to consider some of the delivery options available to you and your business. It's time to deliver!

I hope you enjoyed this article about business delivery options made simple for your company.

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