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neil patel digital review np digital marketing agency rating

Neil Patel is one of the most visible digital marketers out there today. If you are trying to generate revenue for your business with contemporary digital marketing tactics, then you will appreciate that Neil Patel is not just an excellent digital marketer and SEO expert, but that he also practices what he preaches. 

So when you read Neil Patel's advice, you will also be able to see how he puts his own advice into action. Anyone can position themselves as an SEO and digital marketing thought leader simply by publishing articles that include recommended tips. Neil differentiates himself because he allows his audience to actually see the direct results of the advice he gives. 

Let’s take a look at how exactly Neil Patel of Neil Patel Digital pulls this off by reviewing his professional journey and marketing successes. 

Sharing His Success 

Let’s start with one of the best things about Neil Patel; he is not afraid to document his successes in marketing and SEO. 

I think this is true about all the top marketers today. They don’t try to hide the techniques, tools and tactics that bring thousands – or in Neil’s case, millions – of visitors every month to their websites and blogs. Instead, they do everything they can to help the rest of us follow in their footsteps. 

Just look at Neil’s marketing blog. It gets scores of visitors every month according to SimilarWeb’s data, and it ranks top for Google searches for digital marketing, which is one of the most competitive keywords you could find. If you pick any blog post and scroll down to the comments, you will find that Neil Patel takes the time to reply to people every time. 

It is the same on his social media feeds, his YouTube channel, his top-rated podcast in partnership with Eric Reiss, and even his guest posts on sites like HubSpot, where he’s a regular contributor. 

His willingness to spread the strategies that made him successful is itself part of his success. 

Learning From His Mistakes 

When you review Neil Patel's personal history, you can begin to understand why he is so willing to help small business owners. Neil started trying to set up his own business and make money when he was still in high school, selling burned CDs and black boxes. 

Neil Patel tried a few other money-making ideas, none of which succeeded, before he founded Advice Monkey. An online job board that also didn’t make much money, Neil says that his experiences with Advice Monkey would shape the rest of his life. 

When Advice Monkey lost him several thousand dollars, Neil sat down to analyze what went wrong. He realized that he needed to learn more about marketing, so that’s exactly what he did. He went to college and spent a couple of years learning about marketing, and his next venture was a success. He joined forces with his sister’s boyfriend to launch Advantage Consulting Services, an internet marketing agency that won important clients. 

It wasn’t all smooth sailing from there, however. Neil Patel lost over $1 million investing in Vision Web Hosting, a hosting company. But he got back up again, which is the theme of his whole life. In 2006, Neil joined up with Hiten Shah to found Crazy Egg, a heatmap tool for websites to increase their conversion rates. Crazy Egg’s blog has become a go-to resource for marketers to find tools and tips to help improve their websites’ conversion rates. 

Neil didn’t stop there. He went on to co-found Hello Bar and Stride, as well as Kissmetrics and Quick Sprout, hugely successful marketing startups that business owners and professional marketers use every day. Along the way, Neil Patel became famous as a marketer in his own right. He was recognized by President Obama, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the United Nations. He started one of the top marketing podcasts with Eric Siu and educational courses as well including the Neil Patel Marketing School which has helped countless entrepreneurs and marketers.

neil patel digital marketing agency review consulting rating

Marketing Never Sleeps 

Neil started his marketing blog back in 2005, in the early days of digital marketing, and you could say that he and digital marketing grew together. Neil is open about the way that being one of the first blockbuster marketing bloggers made a huge difference to his career path, admitting that it would be very hard to succeed in the same way today, now that the internet is full of bloggers. 

But that doesn’t stop Neil Patel from continually looking for new marketing strategies and creative marketing ideas. 

Neil gives frequent webinars and shares new videos about the latest marketing trends and tips, showing that he hasn’t slowed down. His website,, directs you to plenty of practical and useful marketing tools like Crazy Egg’s website heatmap, KISSmetrics for web analytics, Hello Bar for lead magnet forms, and the SEO Analyzer for technical onsite optimization reports. 

Neil Patel encourages his audience to keep working at marketing, sending positive messages that marketing works and that anyone can succeed, as long as they put in the work. In fact, in 2015 Neil created a live marketing experiment to prove that really, anyone can build a successful online business. He announced that he was beginning a blog on a variety of business topics that would allow him and his partners to quickly generate $100,000 a month within 12 months, while he documented the entire process for a successful case study. 

Neil Patel led everyone through the ins and outs of building a successful online business. He wrote about his mistakes, and he shared the breakdown of his revenue, profits, expenses, the works. And he reached his goal, which was an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of bloggers who kept up with his progress, and even more who have read through the blog series since the end of the experiment. 

The Happy Ending - Neil Patel Digital Review

In 2016, Neil opened his own digital marketing agency, and Neil Patel Digital has been earning rave reviews from customers. NP Digital employees and contractors work as consultants to huge famous corporations like Google, Amazon and HP, helping them to get even more traffic. But co-founding Neil Patel Digital and working as a consultant / keynote speaker hasn’t stopped sharing his marketing experience with anyone who wants to listen. 

You will still find new marketing tips on his YouTube channel and new posts full of advice on his marketing blog. If you are looking for encouragement, inspiration, and hard marketing advice to help you build up your new business, you will find all of it in Neil Patel and Neil Patel Digital marketing agency. This Neil Patel review gives him a great overall rating for his SEO, digital marketing, and entrepreneurial expertise in 2023 and 2024.

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