5 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid Making

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Search engine optimization (SEO) can give significant benefits to different websites, so most people are incorporating SEO techniques to increase sales, get higher rankings on search engine page results, and reach a greater audience. Website traffic will also particularly increase from Google and other top search engines. 

Another benefit is that the higher you reach in the search engine page results is that you will have higher brand credibility and trust. Competitors would be eyeing on you and Google will recognize you as a trustworthy brand. By doing so, SEO techniques will give permanent results for your website and will guide you on how to grow your business online. As long as you are soaring up in the potential of your site, you will continue to get a higher ranking in search engines, and will eventually get the first spot. 

However, many people are still making many mistakes in their SEO implementations which can lead to poor performances and results of the site. In this article, we will give you five common mistakes done on websites. 

5 SEO Errors To Eliminate

1. Using Too Generic Keywords 

Some of the keywords you are using can be the right ones to give you a better rank in search engines — the more specific the keyword, the better place you should rank. However, if you are not getting the right feedback from search engines after exhausting effort, you may want to look at your keywords. They may be very generic short tail keywords or overly stuffed throughout a page in a spammy way. 

You may be a small business but tries to rank for a very general keyword; you are looking at a very high goal. You should try to think of a more specific or make long tail keywords than your broad keyword for you to rank higher. You can accomplish this by doing research and background observations. There are different tools that can help you such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, Majestic, Google Search Console. Knowing what are the trends and perfect keywords for your website can sometimes be half the battle in SEO. 

2. Sticking With Poor-Quality Content 

It is also essential to create regular, high-quality content than not trying to do it. One example of a poor-quality content is a content posted in your site that is not focused on the keyword you assigned for your website. Different search engines are made to cater the best and most targeted content for your users’ keyword demands. You can start this by producing high-quality contents that are related to your keywords and your audience. Search engines may have the right to rank you lower or not give you any change in your rankings if you do not provide relevant content in your page. 

Another thing is the execution of quality content. You need to ensure the best quality of your work because search engines are not programmed to check on the quality because they are only focused on checking if the keyword is a perfect fit for your website and its contents. 

3. Not Using Quality Links 

Content marketers should always give regards to quality link building. It is very important for SEO implementation because search engines consider link building in ranking web pages in the results pages. You can increase your ranking if you use more high-quality sites that link to their sites and pages. You can link through internal and external linking. 

External links should be credible enough to boost the ranking of the page. Relevant and websites with high reputations should be prioritized as external links in your written contents. Along with this, you may want to put a feature that brings your users back to your page after going to the external link. This technique can increase the traffic of your site. 

Another problem related to external links is the anchor text paired with the link. It should be enticing enough to let your readers click on the link. Some websites do not even exert effort in thinking a quality anchor text for their links. “Click Here” and “See More” are just some of the generic anchor texts used by many sites. Be creative and think new texts that will lure your readers to go to the external links you include in your contents. 

Internal links, on the other hand, should instill the same quality as your external links. It basically influences your time spent on site, conversion rate, and page views. Also, internal linking is an organic way to boost your rankings. You can start by using links to conversion pages if you want to increase your conversion rates and sales. You can also link low traffic pages to increase its traffic. Lastly, never forget to use your keywords in the anchor texts! 

4. Not Investing In A Mobile-Friendly Website 

A mobile-friendly site is one of the recent recommendations of Google to rank higher in search engine results pages. Most people are focusing on the content, but also the technicalities and the features of the website are also having their fair share of importance for SEO implementation. 

Given that most people are using their mobile devices for accessing different sites on the internet, you should join this trend to make everything easier for those people using mobile devices. You may create a website that is mobile-responsive or a mobile-ready app. With this, your site can easily be accessible for different mobile devices, no matter what operating system or size of the screen of the gadget. Investing in a mobile-responsive website, you will create a remarkable experience for your users. Optimize everything in your site for faster page loading speed. All of these will surely make your website mobile-friendly. 

5. Forgetting About Analytics 

Many people running their websites always forget analytics. Analytics can easily give you authentic and unique data that they can only provide. It can easily give you data about your progress, performance, and others. Website traffic is seen here, all of the entrance and exit of people in your site. Also, the pages of your site that provide the most leads. Bounce rates and exit rates are also measured here. Analytics have different data that can help you in improving your website. 

For example, analytics said that most people using your site are coming from a specific location, you can think of creative ways to give them attention, such as including different features of their country in your website to pique their attention. There are many more ways to utilize analytics so you should always observe and read it thoroughly. 

SEO Like A Pro And Make Your Google Traffic Grow

Search engine optimization is an integral part of much overall marketing and publicity strategy of your website. It is vital to implement different techniques that are sure that will give good results to your site on Google and other search engines. Doing these wrong practices will badly hurt your site. We have provided five of them, make sure that in this coming new year, you will not implement them and get more sales and conversions in your site. Now it's time for you to SEO like a pro and grow that organic traffic on Google and other search engines!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about simple SEO mistakes that you need to stop making to help your Google organic search traffic grow.

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