4 Affordable & Effective Traditional Marketing Methods

affordable effective traditional marketing methods

In terms of marketing and advertising, this past year was marked by a heavy focus on social media selling and website ads. Fortune 500 companies are concentrating their efforts on various social networks, and many small business owners are emulating this move. While it is important to draw inspiration from market leaders, small companies should not ignore the strong appeal of physical marketing and advertising. This is especially true if you can get a significant discount or great value due to lower demand. 

Social media marketing is certainly very effective and here to stay but with hundreds of millions advertising online now the prices have also been going up. Many marketing analysts believe that a major trend going forward will consist of small businesses revisiting traditional strategies such as radio spots, newsprint, billboards, and physical signage for marketing success. 

Here are four more traditional legacy advertising strategies that will affordable and effective: 

1. 3D Signage 

Brick-and-mortar businesses that want to build a strong presence in their communities should look into 3D signs. These highly visual solutions can be made with a combination of acrylic, foam and metallic materials; plus, they can be combined with lighting to attract customers at night. Don’t have a creative design background? Hire companies like Perth Signcraft & Graphics for signage that will get results on your business front and automobile. These signs will pay for themselves within a very short period of time!

2. Radio Spots 

Believe it or not, streaming audio has not killed the radio star, at least not in the realm of local news, talk and variety radio. Company owners who would like to see solid return on investment should strongly consider the amazingly low cost and wide reach of commercial spots on radio. All the same, advertising on streaming networks could be a good strategy, albeit not as focused. One of the best radio marketing strategies is to seek endorsements by local on-air personalities. You should be able to get some great deals on advertising in most markets compared to 5+ years ago. 

3. Billboards 

A late report last year on the billboard and outdoor advertising industry indicated that this is a market that continues to generate billions of dollars in sales each year. Outdoor signs will increasingly feature digital signage in an effort to stand out from the traditional offerings, and the more creative signs will focus on pedestrians who are at ease more than on drivers and commuters. The digital billboards allow much greater flexibility and reduced cost whenever changes are needed, advertisers change, or multiple advertisers are interested in the space. Rotate the ads and multiply your revenue!

4. Newsprint 

One of the problems with the newspaper industry is that coverage seems to be limited to the sad demise of paper as a primary means of information. The success stories do not get as much coverage as the tragedies; this may explain why the launch of The New European, a national newsprint publication in the United Kingdom, did not get any press. The New European launched in the wake of the Brexit referendum, and it has had paid advertisers from day one. If done correctly, newspapers can still be profitable and so can your advertising campaigns with them. 

In the end, small business owners who wish to stand out should consider revisiting legacy advertising methods. Learn the current trends and marketing techniques that will best fit your company image. 

It's all about getting and keeping customer attention at a low price! And remember to keep your eyes open for opportunities with exceptional value!

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I hope you enjoyed this article on utilizing other marketing methods in addition to your digital advertising and social media marketing

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