How To Make The Most Of Your YouTube Influencer Marketing Strategy

how to maximize youtube influencer marketing strategy youtubers advertising

You have probably noticed this: videos are now the new black of social media. It all started a few years ago with the TikTok frenzy, transformed into Reels, and crawled all the way over to YouTube Shorts. 

While short-form videos are rapidly winning over the Internet, YouTube remains the biggest social media platform in terms of the number of active users. YouTubers have always remained one of the original social media marketing influencers after all.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to get the best results from your YouTube influencer marketing strategy. 

YouTube Influencer Marketing Is Not About The Number Of Subscribers 

You probably know that influencers usually fall into one of the tiers, depending on the number of their followers. They can be nano-, micro-, macro-, or mega-influencers. But this popular classification won’t help you choose the best content creator for your YouTube marketing campaign. 

HypeFactory, one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in the world, recommends using average views per video when determining how good videos of a particular content creator perform. 

YouTube Influencer Prices Vary A Lot 

How much is too much for a YouTube marketing campaign? It depends on the influencer’s profile. For example, their location and the location of their audience. A CPM of $25 can be considered a fair price for an influencer from Germany but might be too low for an influencer who lives and works in Japan. The price can also depend on the content category of their videos. For example, running an influencer campaign on a DIY YouTube channel can be more expensive than running it on an entertainment one. 

If you are not sure what is the best price for a particular influencer, you can either check out the publicly available benchmarks or reach out to an influencer marketing agency. 

Collaborate With Several Influencers Simultaneously 

Depending on your budget and experience, you can use YouTube marketing as a way to not only boost your brand awareness and grow sales but also find out what videos your audience prefers. 

For example, HypeFactory once launched a campaign with over a hundred micro- influencers. This experiment was automated to reduce the manual admin work and helped reveal five top-performing influencers for the client. 

Nurture Long-Term Partnerships On YouTube 

Once you find a channel and an influencer that works for your brand and your audience, set some time aside to nurture these relationships. While there are still debates about whether short-term or long-term partnerships are better for your brand, when it comes to YouTube, playing a long game will pay off. 

Partner With An Agency That Understands YouTube 

No matter how good your marketing team is, they can’t be Jacks of all trades. They might not have enough experience to create content for YouTube and know everything about its algorithms while taking care of all other tasks. By partnering with a leading influencer agency, you can bring your YouTube strategy to the next level.

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