Nano-Influencers: New Lifestyle Trend In Marketing


The "influential people" with the prefix "nano", are the users of social networks - first of all, Instagram - with a very small number of subscribers: usually, there are about a 1,000 of them, less often - 2,000 or 5,000. Anyone who uses Instagram can imagine that it is not difficult to achieve these numbers - it is enough to publish high-quality content, actively interact with the audience, and put the right hashtags. 

Not every user with a four-digit number of subscribers is a nano-influen—Āer though. The latter is distinguished by the fact that they tend to try on the image of a blogger and advertise certain products to their audience, e.g., cosmetics, food, etc. 

When it comes to product advertising, the low popularity, at first glance, seems to be a drawback. But there are two advantages for brands here: 

First, the audience of nano-influencers is "alive" and involved

Many subscribers know him/her personally and trust the taste and opinion. That's why they are more likely to take the product advertising as friendly advice, despite the #sponsored and #ad hashtags. 

Secondly, nano-influencers are easy to negotiate with 

They are not whimsical. Free products and sometimes a small payment is the price of cooperation. In response, nano-influencers are ready to write word-for-word what the press office of a certain brand asks. 

There are agencies that focus exactly on micro-influencers from Instagram and which are now beginning to switch to nano-influencers. Sarah Stovold, Managing Director of NextWave agency, is oriented towards the young generation of social media users: 

"Those who are 13 to 21 years old have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They have very different relationships with brands than their older predecessors." 

Mae Karwowski, CEO of the Obviously marketing agency, whose clients include Guerlain, Google, Coca-Cola, and Mercedes-Benz, believes that working with nano-influencers has great potential: "They are passionate about their account, they monitor content. They may have never worked with brands before, but they know how to run a social network." She adds that it costs almost nothing to brands, especially considering that the more influential Instagram-celebrities have started to raise prices for advertising partnership. 

However, there is another point of view. Krishna Subramanyan, founder of the Captiv8 marketing company, is wary of nano-influencers. He believes that it is extremely difficult to determine the effectiveness of cooperation when working with them. If a brand sends its product to hundreds of people, each of whom places a praise post on their Instagram, it is impossible to understand, whose call to buy a certain product the audience really responds to. But is it that important if the costs for the brand are minimal? Mae Karwowski believes that it's not. In her opinion, the more effective the strategy is, the more nano-influencers it includes: Obviously itself already cooperates with 7500 users and does not plan to stop. 

Why Haven't All Users Become Micro-Influencers And Quit Their Jobs Yet? 

Because the phenomenon of niche blogging, like everything good, has its price. And it is that you cannot just be a blogger and earn a living exclusively as a partner. You must have your own job and personal life. Otherwise, all the "magic" will be lost - and that is namely what the client pays you for when it comes to micro-influencers and nano-influencers social selling services. 

You can have a small but concentrated audience of different fashionists that prefer, e.g., Adidas or some spirits brands. Anyway, people have to associate you with a brand in general in the sense that it must always be clear what kind of event or a project as a whole will it be if you are in it: what will happen there and who will come to it... There is a concept in academic marketing called "brand erosion" - that is something to avoid. 

Author Irina Volkhovskaya is the Chief Marketing Officer at ITRate. Her skills include brand analysis, social media campaigns, organic search rankings improvement, broad SEO and SMM knowledge, project management skills. She is a digital marketing guru and a tech geek.

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