8 Organic Ways To Increase Instagram Followers

organic ways increase instagram followers

If you are a business and want to promote your brand then Instagram is the best place to begin. Either you are a small business or large-sized business, make sure your growth strategy is up to date that will boost your post reach and grow your audience. We have gathered some actionable ways to will give you desired results in a fraction of time. Here’s how to get more Instagram followers. 

How To Get More Instagram Followers 

Organic way is the best ways to reach a large network of people on Instagram and get more followers. However, it takes a lot of time and efforts but it you desired results. 

Develop A Style On Insta 

Albeit, the quality of your individual photos is crucial but you’re the overall aesthetic that you present on your Instagram page also matter a lot. When the user clicks on follow, they are expecting something unique, so make sure that your Instagram feed represent your business. Cultivate your own style and make a theme for your feed and stick to it. Keep your color tone and filter same with each post. It is a good way to distinguish you from the crowd. 

Ask Your IG Followers To Tag Their Friends 

Encourage your followers to tag their friends and followers in the comments, it will give your new followers. For instance: “tag someone who does the same thing”. This way, your Instagram account to more people on this platform. 

Instagram Explore Tab 

Explore tab is what you see on the standard Instagram app. According to Instagram, you can find images and video on explore tab that you might like from non-following accounts. On the explore tab, you can also see Instagram stories at the top of your screen. 

instagram followers

Invite A Guest To Post On Your Instagram Account 

Guest post is the foolproof way to increase your post engagement through the roof. Reach out mega bloggers and influencers and ask them to guest on your Instagram account. Thereby, you will get a huge following count on IG. 

Follow All Your Facebook Friends On Instagram 

You can find your Facebook friends on this photo sharing-app and follow them, most of your friends will follow you back. It is pretty easy to find your friends, go to your profile and click on the three-dot icon (top right of the screen), select find friend and then select find friends on Facebook. 

Plan, Prepare And Then Act On Insta 

When you plan out things, there are more chances to get success on the Instagram social media marketing platform. Consider making a plan for creating the schedule to keep yourself on the track. 

Post Image Quotes On IG

People love inspirational, overlay motivational and humorous quotes. Post image quotes using a tool such as Canva. You can also come up with your own quotes and memes. 

Network With Instagram Influencers 

Search for your niche specific hashtags and see what type of content your competitors are posting on Instagram. Consider developing a relationship with them, leave thoughtful comments on their most popular posts. Get the ideas and use them for your Insta posts.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the organic ways to increase Instagram followers and strengthen social selling.

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